Casual but dedicated? Join us at Audles! Rank 27. 29/30–Corrected.png

Audles is looking for new members to help us continue our leaderboard climb, and have fun in the process. Not hardcore competitive; we’re playing for fun and profit, yet dedicated to being the best we can be. Currently rank 27 on the league leaderboard.

Requirements: 200k gold / 1000 seals / 100 trophies weekly, along with participation in Guild Wars.

We have active guild chat (when it’s working) and a private Discord server with active chat as well.

Statue levels 140+, 18-24M gold donated weekly, 40k seal chests weekly.


I would be interested. I’m kinda new. Level 127. I hit 1500 seals all three weeks so far. The magic kingdoms are at 10 but the rest are currently at 7. Did a little over 250 trophies this week. I should be able to hit 100k and still work on my cities. Let me know. Invite is redraider.

I would love to be invited! I’m definitely a casual gamer, but I play every day, and I’m getting more dedicated as I learn more. I’m only level 58, but I’m also new to the game. Gimme a chance? :blush:

Invite VRISKA! :smiley:

We may have a few slots open up come tomorrow night. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the interest!

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Sounds good

RedRaider, I’ll need your invite code. And if you’re currently in a guild, you’ll need to leave it before I can send the invite.

Invite sent Vriska. Welcome aboard. Say hello in the chat!

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Yay! :smiley: I’m so stoked!

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Thanks for the invite man. I actually got invited to another guild while on your wait list. Maybe we will join up in the future. Thanks so much for the invite.

No problem. Thanks for the interest, and best of luck to ya.

One spot open! Come join us!

KUNZLV, level 325. If there is still a spot, I’d would like to join.

I’ll send invite soon as you leave current guild.

Oh, sorry - my mistake. Leaved, waiting for invite.

Hey, Mahamoti. How’ve you been? Hope all is well. Best of luck with your recruits.

Invite sent. Do join asap as I’m about to do a gold dump

Joined, thx!

Welcome to Audles, Vriska and Kunzlv.

Hi Phaethon, thanks for the good wishes

Recruitment is closed for now.


The copy from top cat lol

Hiya Phaethon. We’re all doing well back at Audles.

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