Level 200 - Looking for new guild

I’m looking for a new guild with more active donating members. My current guild doesn’t have any requirements so only half of the members regularly donate. Looking around here it seems that 100 trophies and 100k a week is all that is necessary to be in some of the higher ones. I can easily hit that mark each week, and have been in my current guild, and would gladly go over if the rest of the guild is also actively donating.

We (“Some Guild”) are a guild in the top 200 for now, on our way up and have one open spot at the moment.
Officially we have 10k minimum contribution (to keys and gems). In reality most of us exceed that by far, and are on average at 100k+.
Trophy wise we require people to be active in pvp and gained over 6000 last week.
We are a social bunch of people, having fun in this game, but we aren’t at the very top just yet. :wink: