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Looking for guild with donation requirement 300k+

Hello all,

Haven’t had much luck finding a busy and active donation guild in global chat so I thought I would try my luck here.

Willing to work hard for trophies and keep knocking those tasks down as fast as they come up :slight_smile:

Invite code: Muckguppy

Do you have all kingdoms to level 10?
What level are you?
Can you do 300+ trophies and 500k+ gold a week easily?

Hi Tacet,

I currently have all magic and attack kingdoms at 10, I’ve nearly finished levelling my heart kingdoms to 10 and the rest are 5+. I’m currently level 90~. I’ve been able to donate 300k within a couple of days without too much trouble and am confident I can meet the trophy requirement also.

I’m not interested in placing a position on the leaderboard so much as working to make a guild great as a team.

Cheers, thanks for reading,

Also let me know here if anyone is interested, as I will have to leave my humble little guild I’m currently in to join another. I didn’t want to be solo and waste trophies :slight_smile:

What platform do you play on? PC/Mobile and consoles are entirely separate.

I play pc/mobile

I edited your topic’s category to reflect that.