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Looking for top tier guild can contribute 300k/100+ gold and trophies weekly

Hello all. My girlfriend and I are looking for a top tier guild. We are dedicated adult players who contribute 300k/100+ gold/trophies weekly for our current guild. We are looking for a guild who completes all the weekly guild task as we have been the major contributors for our guild and are looking to grow in a guild of similar players. I’m lvl 334 and my girlfriend is lvl 458 with maxed kingdoms.

Hi Lukas

I’m the Guild Leader of Riverford currently ranked 43rd and I’m looking for two new players.

I’m looking to recruit within the next two hours if you are interested. We aren’t maxing out all the tasks but we are strengthening. We completed four this week and I’ve been recruiting more active players.

If you are interested then please get in touch.

as far as i know completing all guild tasks requires 500k (or was it 550k?) from all 30 members, so offering only 300k would be a little tight in there… you might want to aim a slightly lower… just a hint :slight_smile:

also most of those guilds require 1000-1500 seals and/or something of a 300+trophy calliber

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533k from each member, just helping.

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