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Lvl 70 looking for ~30k/week guild

Hey there,
i’m maddi and i’m looking for a guild that requires a minimum Donation of about 30k/week. I’m active in PvP, too and farm about 100+ trophies/week.

Atm i’m maxing my kingdoms that give attack/magic. My current guild isn’t that active.


Hi maddi,

My guild, Lolcats, is pretty active and has a few openings. We used to be $30k/week but we’re in the process of upping our weekly requirements. This week is $60k and after that it’ll be $100k/week. Despite being higher than the $30k you’re looking for, I think you’ll find being a member of our guild will outweigh the extra gold you have to contribute. And you should still be able to get your kingdoms leveled reasonably fast.

If you’re interested (now or in the future), just lemme know your invite code. :smile:

Hi, we do not have a minimum requirement but we are a very active guild with players giving 5000 to over 200,000 per week.
Have players up to level 167.
Mariana, GM, Realm Of The Undead