Looking for new Top 10 home


Hi, I am a active currently level 62 player looking to move guilds for a top 10 guild. I can offer 20+ trophies per day and 30k+ per week.

If you feel you have a spot for me and are happy to share ideas please let me know and I will move out of my current clan to join.



Is my math wrong? 20+ trophies per day, 7 days a week, comes to around 150~ trophies, not 30k+ …


Not your math just your assumption. The 2 are trophies and gold. So 30k gold+ per week. :smile:


i didn’t assume anything, it was what i read :slight_smile:


Hey Hairy you left?

I joined Shadow Company but from what I understand:

  1. Placement of guilds is just a measure of how many total trophies have been collected.
  2. There’s no reset of trophies.

Therefore, placement doesn’t mean advancement. I would love for there to be a measurement of guilds trajectories in the form of trophies per week and gold donated per week to understand if you’re with an old, once prominent guild or to get on board early with a guild that is active but as far as I know, there’s no such thing.

Good luck in your search! This current guild I joined has 13 people that have contributed less han 10 trophies this week. 10 trophies is just one arena run so… I think I might have joined a ‘dead’ company but we’ll see. Plus I just want to play as much as I want to while reaping benefits; I don’t play a crazy amount like you.


Ah troll :slight_smile: moving on.


Waiting on an offer mate. Who knows how long one will play this but while I do will be productive and would be fun to be with a clan that maybe talks builds and such.


Yeah exactly. Builds and strategies and such. Only place I know of is on here though.

But you don’t really need your clan to talk builds; I think you could just open something up on here and just talk.

Masteries really help. A 7 mana ability is a 3 match if you get a surge and have a kingdom bonus in it; or even an 8 mana if you have a double kingdom bonus in that colour. Took me until now (level 70) to really understand it and understand why a troop with 7 or 8 mana is considered great. Because it’s a single match to charge it sometimes…

Anyways I have 3 more legendaries to try out; need some souls though. Might change my levelling strategy and just stop at 10. Last 5 levels are really expensive and at 10 you can unlock cheap troops through arena.


Found my spot :smile: