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Active player nearing lvl 200 looking for guild

I’m looking for a guild that doesn’t care about trophies, but works on legendary tasks and reaches the 40k guild chest every week. I have no idea how to search for such a guild, so I’m posting here.

I’m very active, hero level 200, I reach 1500 seals every week and all my kingdoms are level 10 so I can contribute all my gold. :+1:

So if you’re a guild that completes legendary tasks and reaches the max guild chest every week, and you have a spot for someone who will contribute lots of gold and seals but few trophies, please post here. :innocent:


Hero level is in the title, 200. :wink:

I think I could give between 300k and 500k gold each week, based on how active I am. I still need to find my rythm now that my kingdoms are done, I guess after a few weeks I’ll have a more precise estimate.
But 250 trophies is too much. I don’t have much fun in PvP, so I’m basically only getting rank 1 and stopping after that each week. So anything above 100 trophies is not something I’d sign for.

Thanks for your interest, though. :heart:

EDIT: Hero level added to the OP because having it only in the title is understandably a bit confusing.

By the way, what’s the point of grinding trophies apart from climbing the Guild ladder?

I mean, I understand the competition and trying to be the #1 guild, but there has to be people out there who want a guild for the actual rewards (tasks and guild chests) without caring for the inter-guild competition. If there was some reward associated with the trophies, I’d get it, but right now it’s a matter of a few hundred more golds on daily login reward. Pretty underwhelming.

Yes that’s my focus is the Gold & Seals.
But you will not unfortunately make a lot of gold not going past tier 1.
You have to play more pvp than you do now.
My old req’s was 350k+ gold but had to move it up to 500k+ because we were not getting Legendary Task.
Legendary Task gives you even more rewards but, you have to (really) earn them.

The reason to push for trophies lies in the fact that pvp gives the most gold. Therefore the guilds that pvp the most, are the most rich. So that’s how trophies matter. Focus on trophies, and the gold will come.

My current guild (Unrepentant) is a heavy trophy focused guild, and we completed 9 legendary tasks by Tuesday.

Obviously the top guilds complete more than we do, but this is an example.


But there’s nothing wrong with finding pvp boring. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing.

Just know that it will be pretty hard to get into any top guilds without pvping a lot. But maybe you don’t care about that either. Just have fun.

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Ok, so trophy requirements not for trophies themselves, but as a by-product of gold farming. I get it.

Maybe I’ll reconsider when I’m done with all the challenges and when I’m happy with the traitstones I have.

Thanks for the answer.

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Also I might add trophies not only determine guild rank but bonuses. Example my guild qualifies from trophy count for having a +220% bonus. So yes trophies are important and serve a purpose.
Lol no my guild doesn’t do legendary tasks so not recruiting just answering.

Have a spot? “TPAKTOP 1”, 300-500k. PC/Mobile.