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Level 1016 Looking for Guild

Hello everyone,

I’m level 1016 and have been in the same semi-active guild since very early on. They carried me for quite awhile as I leveled my kingdoms and in turn, I’ve stuck around for a good while to repay some of that but I’m ready to move on to a more active guild.

I typically donate 600k to 800k per week minimum. Always the full 2k seals and usually 500+ trophies. (For the week, as of right now, I’m at 690k / 2k / 463). I participate fully in events, to the best of my ability. My collection is still missing most of the mythics so I don’t necessarily have the best teams available to me but I always finish top 5 in my current guild.

Here is what I’m looking for ideally: A guild that is social and helpful for things like team building and bouncing ideas off of each other, one that gets to the full 40k seals at least reasonably often and one that completes all of the basic tasks and possibly some of the epic tasks.

If it helps, here is my collection currently: https://gowdb.com/collection/4b7533d30e7b8ceaf9972eb13d7af71d


Did you find a guild yet? We have a very active guild chat and everyone is very helpful and friendly. I have a recruitment posted on here if you would like to check us out. We are has to be Duke, we would love if you would give our guild a chance and see if it is the right fit for everyone