High guild required for active but still levelling player


I’m looking to find a high ranking active guild as I seem to be stuck in the catch 22 of not being able to contribute to high level guilds, but because I’m not in one I can’t level quickly or gain better troops to contribute more.

I can offer:
1500 seals
200+ trophies (averaging 250 at the moment)
Daily guild wars
Probably all sentinel levels if required (I can use gems gained from blue statue if level 5 is needed).
Level 240+ player

My major problem to joining a top guild however is that most require 500k+ donation, and having only been playing 8 weeks my kingdoms are not all level 10, and almost all only silver star. My weekly income isn’t enough to level, complete sentinels, and contribute huge amounts all at once. At the moment I donate around 100k and use the rest on kingdoms. Once they are 10 I plan to use all on donations and sentinels (I would guess 250-300k) whilst getting souls/traits to finish kingdom levelling. I think that will slowly increase the amount I can donate over time.

If any guild that can get 40k seals and provide high statue levels is willing to give a still developing player a shot I think I’d become a really productive member of the guild.
Please PM me.

we have a rank 11 guild that you may be a match for. we are a family of guilds and our rank 11 guild is in the middle. we also have the rank 2 guild where players who have grown enough to qualify for are moved up into.

we use a community chat system for members across all our guilds to interact with all other guild members across all our guilds.

Thank you that sounds like it could be good, especially if people can move up once levelled. I take it this is a pc/mobile guild?(I think I saw a few Xbox posts from you so just checking). What kind of seals and statues does your 11 guild reach?

We’re not near the 40k seal mark at the moment, after a recent elimination of a bunch of inactive players, but are a rising guild that just passed into the top 1000. Those of us that remain almost hit 20k with the 18 or so that remain this week and are looking to fill with active players such as yourself; currently only a 20k gold/week requirement (+700 seals) and reqs subject to change based on majority of guild input as we grow. Still have several players like myself that regularly do 1500 seals and over 200k gold/week.

Look at the “Fantasy Fighters” recruitment thread or PM me if interested

Have you found your guild yet Tuf :Unrepentant #9 looking for one player 500k 1k seals and 300 t Guild Wars Active we consistently get 30-35 Legendary tasks and 40k seals too.that is our reqs The Unholy Family (Unrepentant, Abaddon & Purgatory) GoW's first SuperGuild!

If you did not find guild yet. BlackGold is recruiting! Rank 102, statues lvl109-118, no special reqs, just be active!
We always get 20K Seals, and complete minimum two tasks with others to level 7-10!