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PvP Historical Quotes are killing the feel of the game

If you haven’t notice it. After PvP we’re getting these random quotes at the end of the battle. The problem is, these quotes are coming from real historical figures ==

For me, it just feels terribly out of place, and completely kills the fantasy theme.

Really? It’s not the flavor text any more?

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By golly, you’re right! I honestly hadn’t noticed.

Yeah even though I don’t have a problem with it, it would’ve been cool if they pulled from well known fantasy writers. I definitely get your point though.

I have been noticing it, but I click spam too quick to ever read it. I still have that habit from back when the end of each battle took like 6 clicks.


Still haven’t gotten into the game yet but I agree that seems very out of place…

You can say the same for the goofy pop culture quotes when viewing the unit cards. I wish we could get rid of those as well but I guess many people like them.

Funny, I like them. No, they aren’t fantasy themed, and yes–popular sayings from fantasy writings might be more genre specific, but I don’t see them killing anything.


Mmm, I agree… not sure these quotes belong in Krystara…

…and they make me feel less intellectually superior for not knowing them all… though a google search for smart-sounding-quotes-that-make-you-look-sophisticated should drum up some more.

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What bothers me most about these quotes is that they are mostly quotes against the idea of war, which is not very fitting in a game that is all about fighting. Are you trying to convince us to stop playing, or what?


I read them as “mournfully ironic”, and I think they work well in the game.

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Personally, I love them. Lots of good quotes there.

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I am on the fence on this one. The real quotes don’t bother me, I like learning new quotes. But I miss the troop comments, which now unless you go looking for them in the troop menu, you wont ever get to see. So I offer this compromise…

Go back to the old system, if you field a team without a hero,
You see one of the monster troop quotes.
If your team includes a hero you get a RL quote.

Whaddya think? :wink:

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Have you been influenced to stop playing? Yeah…probably not.

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Sure, it didn’t actually convince me to stop, but it sure felt like it’s trying to.

I mean, you work hard and manage to win an unusually hard fight, then as part of the victory fanfare you get told that “You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake”. Thank you very much.

I see where you’re coming from.

To me, it feels like they searched the Internet for quotes containing the word “war” and threw them into the game without regard for their context. Feels sort of lazy. Then again, I tap-tap-tap through that screen so fast that I couldn’t tell you the last ten quotes I was given if you paid me.

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Update 2.2- Gems of PEACE

All skulls have been removed from the board and all troop spells now read:

“Create [1+Magic] flowers of your favorite color!”




@Lyya If there was a “Love It” button I would press it! :wink: