[POLL] Best Character Flavor Text

What is the best character flavor text in Gems of War?

  • Shadow Dragon: “Likes to appear at night and devour entire villages… just for lolz.”
  • Astral Spirit: “She likes to be in the dead centaur.”
  • Sheggra: “Sheggra once won a chili eating contest, where she not only ate all of the chili, but all of the contestants as well.”
  • Plague: “Please State the Nature of Your Medical Emergency”
  • Zephyros: “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt”
  • Aziris: “He killed the last living eaglephant to get that helmet”
  • Alastair: “For a more humane for, of dismemberment, flaming axes sever and cauterize in one easy stroke.”
  • Grave Knight: “He wanted to be a Crypt Knight, but he couldn’t defeat Superman.”
  • Blast Cannon: “It is much more effective than the non-blast cannon, that one just never caught on.”
  • Drake Rider: “No, he’s NOT riding a male duck.”
  • Soothsayer: “He may look dumb, but he can solve a maze in a “minotaur” two.”
  • Atlanta: “LV 90 HUNTER. FULL EPICS. LFG”
  • Dimetraxia: “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons.”
  • Reaver: “A Dark Elf with two swords… that’s been done somewhere before, right?”
  • Venbarak: “Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.”
  • Zombie: “Every day he’s shufflin’… and eating brains.”
  • Twisted Hero: “We don’t need another hero.”
  • Dust Devil: “He spins me right round.”

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Whatever 10 end up winning, I will need people to explain what each one’s reference is to me in case I’m not aware of it. xD

I know most of them that have a reference, but not all.

It’s either a reference, wordplay or a joke.

Mostly references though

As a big Dragon Age fan, I’m all about the Hippogryph: “No, swooping is not bad.”

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Mercy and Venbarak both are Shakespeare quotes (The Tempest and Macbeth, respectively). Gotta give props to that sort of reference.


Zephyros, Lightning bolt, Lightning bolt, Lightning bolt

I think that’s a magic the gathering reference. An old one since lightning bolt was retired a long time ago.

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Its from an old viral video that became somewhat of a meme:


Yes, I recall that 1. And the 1 currently in first is from Star Trek.

Voted for Sheggra! :wink:

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The only one I don’t know from the current top 10 on the poll is Grave Knight. I don’t know super heroes at all, so the reference makes no sense to me. xD

I think Crypt Knight is supposed to be similar sounding to Kryptonite, the only substance that can weaken Superman. Witty if not a bit groan inspiring pun!

EDIT: A bit after the fact but I’m surprised the Bunninog one didn’t make the list, figure there would be more Monty Python fans around.

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He let the dogs out was another good one on the druid.

StarCraft also referenced it via the Terran Medic. Plague is more out of place lol.

It’s all Venbarak, because…well…Shakespeare. I mean, done, right?

Shakespeare is a cokehead hack who had trouble finishing his stories. In almost everything he DID finish, the last Act commonly wrapped up very hastily and left plenty of loose ends.

And yet! ;p

sounds like the end of a season for a tv show, but then is canceled!

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Reaver’s Dark Elf should be referencing Drizzt Do’Urden of the Forgotten Realm heroes.