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Best Flavor Text? Need input. ^_^

Someone on my YouTube comment section by the name of Battousai suggested I do a video on the best/funniest flavor text in Gems of War. Since that would be an extremely biased list if I was to make it, I figured I let the forum community decide. Choose ONLY 1 flavor text that you think is your favorite then just upvote if your favorite is already up as well as upvoting others you like. I’ll then put the top ones into a poll and do a top 10 video on them.

When commenting a phrase, put it in the format of:

troop name: flavor text

Luther: Why do all good guys end up in exile?

Poll is here: [POLL] Best Character Flavor Text

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Plague: “Please State the Nature of Your Medical Emergency” Love that one :smile:


Zephyros: “Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt”

Somebody finds LARPing as hilarious as I do!


Socrates: “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

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I always liked Aziris: “He killed the last living eaglephant to get that helmet” :slight_smile:


when i played a MUD - i used to say swords are for sissies… axes are so much more… brutal.

alastair: for a more humane for of dismemberment, flaming axes sever and cauterize in one easy stroke.


I could put down a dozen that are pop culture references which make me laugh because I know/love the source material, but aren’t actually funny on their own. So:

Grave Knight: “He wanted to be a Crypt Knight, but he couldn’t defeat Superman.”



Poison Master’s flavor text is dark… It implies his flask is filled with Rohypnol :confused:


I’ve always enjoyed Blast Cannon: It is much more effective than the non-blast cannon, that one just never caught on. The Astral Spirit is punny: She likes to be in the dead centaur…


Drake Rider: No, he’s NOT riding a male duck.

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Only one? That makes it tough, but I think Infernal King edges out the competition: “I shall live forever! Or die trying.”


You can post multiple if you want, but make sure each one is its own comment.

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My favorite is:

Shadow Dragon: Likes to appear at night and devour entire villages… just for lolz.

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What about interesting facts like the identity of Queen Mab’s raven?

I thought that was a parrot…isn’t Mab a pirate?

Nope, it’s a raven. Ish.


Plus her spell is referencing Poe with “Nevermore,” which is an indirect reference to a raven again.

Um, yeah. I was being voluntarily dumb… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah, internet sarcasm, my nemesis. We meet again!


It’s common to use /s after sarcastic posts.

Me and a guildmate had conflicting views on this wordplay:

  • I think it’s like: “She likes to beat the dead horse.” Changing horse by centaur and “splitting” the rest of the words. (hope it makes sense.)
  • He thought it was like “She likes to be in the dead center.” (forgive me if i remebered it wrong @Mithran )

I like Soothsayer’s favor text: He may look dumb, but he can solve a maze in a “minotaur” two.
(He may look dumb, but he can solve a maze in a minute or two.)