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After PvP - custom battle text

Let us set our ‘battle cry’ text for pvp :smiley:

when someone attacks us, after the battle is over they could read our battle cry (instead of the random quote displayed).

could be separate battle cry for when we loose or win, or just one for both situations

im not too amused reading random quotes that are not related to the game. i would like to stay within the fantasy world of krystara when i play gow please.

(or if worried too much about ppl insulting, let us choose from a variety of preset battlecries, still better then this)

This. Letting us pick our own is a bag of worms the devs should not open.

Getting sort of tired of these quotes. Plus that ‘Unknown’ one is another Sun Tzu quote, should know given the ones that are there already. … at least I’m fairly sure it is.