Weekly PVE matches themed to the new event

Hey there, one of the most compelling features of GoW that really drew me in was the PVE content. Sadly, once you complete the missions, the appeal falls off considerably. I strongly believe PVE content is one of the more compelling features of this game, and would love to see it expanded. I was thinking a weekly themed fight, mission set, or challenges that match a Boss, or comp including the new troop of the week. These would possibly award event theme specific trait stones, possibly even a chance to win a copy of the new troop.


To be fair, PvP is basically PvE against human-created teams. I find that to be infinitely more interesting than a static team designed by the dev team. To each her own, though.

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I think unique challenges, which display how the new troops could be used, could be very compelling. I don’t often feel compelling to trait out, or even level the new troops, however, if they could demonstrate their usefulness it might be a different story.

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The dev team has been writing out a little bit of lore for the updates recently. It would be cool if that lore was chopped up, touched up, and delivered via a minor quest line in the home kingdom of the event. Maybe a 5 quest line that gives one copy of the card at the end. Would be an interesting way to get the cards known a little better and since those lines would persist would also let new players see the lore for older cards. Getting the glory for a single pack isn’t really a big deal, but it would be an interesting way to get an extra or initial copy for peeps to mess with before investing their glory in additional copies.

I am not sure how easy that is for them to do and inject weekly without going through a full patch process. But I like the idea and think it would be a pretty interesting way to introduce new cards in a more “in game” kind of way.


By “introduce them in-game,” you mean, “introduce them for free,” right? :slight_smile:

Well with the mechanics we are faced with today and my suggestion of ending with a copy of the card it would be free yes. Of course with the mechanics we have today getting a single copy of the card is basically free right now anyway. But I actually meant introduce them in game. For many peeps who don’t come here, or read the website a new card just shows up with no reason and no lore. If instead that lore were delivered in game then it would reach more people. I think peeps on the forums often forget there are whole segments of players who never see anything posted here or on the game’s main page. Extra-game communities are great, but they are a fragment of the game community as a whole. Thus I am always a fan of in-game delivery of information vs extra-game delivery. This would be an interesting and in theory low cost way of doing so.

They don’t even need to end in a free copy of the card (ie that wasn’t the point), I just thought it would be similar to the way each kingdom delivers an epic today. You get one copy by playing through the questline and learning some about that kingdom and its history. At the end the person who you helped through joins your cause. It has a nice fluidity to it that I happen to like.

The glory cost for a single copy is hardly a barrier even for new players so it isn’t like the card is remotely “exclusive” or some reward worth chasing. And a single copy of the card is nowhere near as useful as it used to be thanks to ascension so they would still need more anyway. It would largely just be a nice little “extra” for peeps. If for some reason it was determine to wreck the economy it is really not material to the concept. As it is, it probably only makes sense for the epic and lower cards anyway, not the legendaries (which is where the dual card events could come in).


That is exactly what I thought too. In addition, I thought it would be cool if the traitstones that are available for the event would be the rewards for those fights. I mean, if they really want to lower the overhead, they could just make the quest line for that Kingdom available again, with the end prize being a copy of the card, possibly two copies if it is the Ultra-Rare and not epic troop for that week. Hopefully this is doable, because I really like the PVE element, and would love to do quests instead of just farming challenges continuously. .

Also, they could introduce a difficult encounter, something like the final encounter to unlock the Mechanist class. Hearthstone does that very well through the Brawls, maybe this game could do something similar.

I really like the thought here – providing in-game lore for new troops would be neat. I just am skeptical about the return on investment. Creating new text content isn’t free, especially considering the game is localized into 4 other languages. My suspicion is that there’d be no way to provide what you’re asking for here on a weekly basis. Then again, I don’t speak for the dev team…

Yeah I agree @Lyya that is always the problem. We will always be able to consume the content faster than they can deliver it and there really isn’t much monetization available for something like this. :smiley: Especially since they are dropping new kingdoms regularly as well. Maybe something for them to kick around. I am not sure even sure if they can deliver quest lines without a full “approved” patch either.

@PinkMooNinja I don’t think adding traitstones directly as a reward would be very good for the economy they have set up. However, it would be a series of fights in the featured kingdom so your chances would at least be focused. Basically the same as doing another X challenges.


Yeah, that is why I think the best, and easiest resolution would be to have the event kingdom’s quest chain opened again with the final reward being the new card. I know it is easy to speculate about the dev time from the couch, but it would be a really interesting and compelling addition to the game.

PVE events for the entire guild would be cool. Something like a raid for the guild with a big Boss or a long questline. Each guild member would contribute to the overall progress of that event to gain the reward for all members.

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As a fervent PvE player in general in many games I skipped the PvP here for a long time (I think I was level 120 before I did any PvP).
But as @Lyya already said, the PvP here is not really PvP, just PvE against teams made by other players.
Also, the downside of getting invaded is pretty neglible for me at this point: Yes you get less gold from the gold collection, but anytime any tribute triggers (which is almost always for me now) it more than compensates for the lost gold.
And PvP matches award quite a bit more gold than other venues.

Long story short: Try the PvP, it’s pretty good!

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I do PVP a lot, but it gets tedious after awhile, much in the same way that traitstone farming does. The questing was interesting in that you could face some oddball comps, and not just the same endlessly. PVP has some variety, but rarely does it venture past the same handful of comps that are popular in the current meta.


I have played a few games with similar concepts and would love to see something like this in Gems of War.


Pvp targeting is going to be huge.