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Improving PvP quality? or a different PvP mode

Lets ban from pvp some cards that really slow the fight down!

-few chosen cards banned from PvP for entire month (from offense and defense), the banned units decided by devs and/or a community poll :slight_smile:
(id play matches rewarding less gold if i could be ensured there is no manticores, would you?)

-if it becomes a new pvp mode then: enemies matched more based on win streak and win rate or even only alone based on those two statistics (and the players pvp activity) then it could become more hardcore* thing as well as much more relaxed thing?

Just because you find something annoying doesn’t mean it should be banned.


It was just an idea. Give the man a chance?

Sure, just as many as I’ve given you.

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Oh give it a rest

He’s got a chance. @RiverSong isn’t calling for his post to be removed, she’s providing her opinion. Others are free to disagree with hers and provide counterarguments. I don’t see an issue here, the forum is working as intended.

My opinion was he should be given more of a chance instead of giving (what I perceived to be) a tone intended to cut him down.

I suppose it could be interpreted that way. The tone might be due to oversaturation of nerf requests.

And the lack of inflection in the typed word…

Im not a fan of nerfing either. Of all the garbage I have spoken I have never asked to nerf someone

You seem to enjoy following my posts not so you can counter argue them, but more because you seem to think others need your protection from my comments. Here’s a thought - you are not the forum police. In the future, perhaps you could remember that.

Im watching you :joy:


I think a month is a very long period, my suggestion, a few months ago, was about a week to shake things up from time to time:

I think if it did happen then it should be a second form of PvP (just like the OP suggested). Would you prefer it to replace the existing PvP or how do you think it could work instead?

Who here thinks they are going to write code for 2 completely different types of pvp from what we already have?

Well they kind of already have, although it’s the matchmaking and rewards systems and not the actual PVP mini-game itself. That’s how we got Ranked and Casual modes.

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They’re asking for another one. Separate from the one we already have. Also one with banned cards. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I just don’t see it happening.

At first i thought about it being the new pvp, but then i realized/someone called my atention to the fact, that it would exclude a big portion of players that could have their troops banned for an entire week. So another mode would be better being optional.

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Eh, considering what we’ve already got, I think it’s more likely that new game modes will be minor variations on existing ones, rather than entirely new mechanics. We’ve already got one mode with a restricted troop selection: Arena. A mode where the player could pick from a restricted pool wouldn’t be that much different. I do see it as having trouble finding an identity for itself, however, that isn’t basically an admission that there are balance problems, and they’re either unable or unwilling to solve them. Enough variety should exist without needing to force the players’ hands. If that variety isn’t seeing play, then the problem should be addressed at the source.

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Agreed, and I for one don’t know how they address the “issue” for a lot of people.