Something needs to change

I think quite a few people would agree with me that the weekly event last week was several different kinds of awful. Skull-focused medals without a skull-focused set of troops, where the only way to even generate skulls was with a doom weapon a lot of players didn’t have. It was worse than a chore to complete, because at least once you finish your chores, you can go play fun video games. And last week, I would not have named GOW as one of the fun ones.

There’s been discussion on a particular discord server I’m on that it feels like the devs aren’t actually curating these events. That they just run it through an algorithm (X troop restrictions combined with Y medal bonuses and Z scoring type) and let it loose upon the community. Whether or not that’s actually how it works is, at this point, largely immaterial, because that’s how it feels for the player base. It’s gotten to that point over the last couple campaigns. It feels like the devs aren’t putting in effort to make these events feel unique and fun. It feels like there’s not as much care being put into each week. Again, this is the general feeling among the player base (that I hang out with, at least), so I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But it really feels otherwise.

Here’s the good thing: I like it when medals and troops synergize. I like having unique troop restrictions that force me to think outside the box or bring in troops I don’t normally use. I like running wacky troop combos that still end up working because of medal bonuses. Some people consider the events repetitive, though personally I don’t think it’s any more repetitive than anything else in the game. GOW is a grindy game. It’s always been that way, and if you don’t mind it, then you don’t mind it.

So here’s what I’d like to see happen:

  • Medal bonuses need to actually match the troop restrictions we’re given. If we can’t create or convert skulls, don’t give us medals that only boost skull damage. Vice-versa for troop restrictions that aren’t magic-focused.
  • Scoring needs to be more predictable. Some weeks guilds can clear the event without buying a single tier. Some weeks they need 3-4. It means guilds that don’t force their members to buy that many tiers miss out on the rewards, which has long term consequences.
  • Events should be more predictable in terms of battles. Having different mechanics for reaching the “boss” of the event is fine, but having to remember which legendary battle gives more points, or whether you need to care about fighting the highest level battle or not, on a week to week basis, is unnecessarily confusing.

This is solely pertaining to the weekly events. I know there’s many more (valid) critiques of GOW, but I want to keep this topic focused on this.


Pretty much agree with this.
There are many complaints that can be thrown around regarding these guild events, you summed up a lot of them nicely.
The part the devs seemed to have forgotten is “fun”, which was sorely lacking last week. Heck, I couldn’t even stomach using up all my tokens this time, each fight felt like a torture, and we only finished tier 11 reward this time, while we usually stomp out all 12 each week.

And… this + the campaign has pushed some players to burnout or not feeling like they are having fun any more → my guild lost 2 players last week, who decided to quit the game & do something else, because they were upset & annoyed with those tasks.

The complaint about the scoring is totally valid. It needs to be more upfront & understandable by all, not obfuscated by some new terms & rules every week. It punishes those who don’t follow any social media or chat, which makes them feel worse when they realize (too late) that they been doing the event wrong and have been gimping their and their guild’s score, and that in turn punishes the guild they belong to.

Also, since the event medals can only be used within the event itself, there should be a separate medal loadout for the event fight only. It is incredibly stupid that you have to spend one of your 3 medal slots on a setup that is only usable in one limited game mode each week, and gimps whatever else you do afterwards.
The fact the game warns you if you try to start a guild event fight without a loadout with event medals, but DOESN’T when you do anything else afterwards in the game is beyond mindblowing. It is horribly bad design, and inexcusable. Don’t trap the player.
It is one of the things that makes the players feel bad about the game experience, and can drive them away.


I will ask Salty tonight during the stream if the medals are chosen by an algorithm or by human. I agree though that regardless of the answer, it feels as if it’s chosen by an algorithm/randomness.

The world event has been out long enough for the main glitches to be sorted out by now, but aren’t. Bouncing icons and such, meh, not a big deal imo and that could stay as is forever. The medals though? Big deal. Rules only in the forums and not in game? Big deal.


Yeah, definitely not fun. I’d also describe that event as aggravating & frustrating.

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Just an FYI, tonight’s stream is cancelled because of it being Australia Day.

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I never watch the stream anyway (not compatible with my time zone) so… do we throw the ball at @Saltypatra over here? ;p

And this would be Exhibit A for “what happens when you design a game based on metrics alone”, Your Honor.


I’d love to see some tweaks to World Events too.

I’m one of the few who really loves world events, it’s actually my favourite game mode :see_no_evil: because the medals generally are op and that means even if you suck at team building you can throw something together and do reasonably well. I also like that as a guild you can earn badges for newer or gem poor players to help them progress in the event later in the week.

However… Recently there’s been 2 World Events that have managed to make me go ‘urgh’ and that’s been down to skull medals with either zero skull troops/ weapons or, as you say last week’s 1 choice.

Now I know many many of us did manage to do the event but I think it is important that everyone should be able to have a decent go at the event, I don’t know what percentage of the player base owns Doomed Axe but it was difficult building teams for all the players without it. Especially since the battles scaled so quickly, even experienced players were finding DRACOS lvl 350+ uncomfortable.

I totally agree with the concerns about complicated scoring too, this is the main reason I post all the World Event Scoring graphics around on Monday morning because it isn’t fun for players or GMs to try and figure out and explain the madness each week.

So what would I like to see change?

  • I’d love a rotation of say 4 or 6 World Events, change the name, change the troops but a familiar scoring format, less time figuring things out = more time actually playing

  • drop the legendary boss battles awarding more points than mythic battles. This is really hard to explain to players.

  • If it’s a skull medal event then there should need to be a minimum number of troops and weapons available that create Skulls from the restrictions.

  • On Guild Wars Week please please drop the World Event, having 3 events in a week isn’t fun and the medals being equipped while you play your WE battles can and do make a difference to defence stats. Also players forget to switch out their useless event medals during gw’s quite a lot.


“Hey, here’s a bowl of soup for you! And a fork to eat it with…have fun!” - that’s how this kind of event feels, not impossible but highly ineffective and sure to make players question (some do it loudly, some in a more civil manner) sanity of devs, ask whether they are trolls and do they even play the game upon hearing that: “Move along, nothing to see here. Working as intended.”

And then there’s compounding frustration from mismatched medals/troop selection (that leads to drawn out games where every move is potential death because random skull drops/board shuffles and so on feel AI advantage biased simply due to their inflated stats) with frustration stemming from actual enemy troops.

Dracos with random insta-kill chance?
P4nth4 with random insta-kill chance?

as if just going against giants is too easy and there needs to be some sudden death player cannot protect herself/himself from.

Yep, and +1 from me as well to problem bulletin-points lined out in the posts above.


Well stated op. These points are valid and I’d love to see some changed here.

Unfortunately, these types of posts usually get little, if any, attention from people who can enact a change. At best we can hope for a “I’ve mentioned this to the devs” and maybe even a change many months or years down the line.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but communication and working alongside the playerbase is not exactly the team’s strong suite.


Absolutely agree. The last two skull-only events have been horrifyingly bad. The one before last didn’t even allow you to use a skull generator of any type. Sure does seem like there’s not much thought being given to these.


Only been 2 decent, fun world events. 1 with Wrath and Obsidius and another with Hadley.

We had to endure Knights without Hadley cos they were blue only :neutral_face:

It’s just lazy, copy n paste stuff. I’ve even reverted to using soul based teams where I could😐

This one 2 or 3 Lunas and stormcaller is ok for some explosions. Might make me through it.:joy:

I realy don’t get this one…
I never check forums for scoring and again most of the time it’s obvious after doing few battles:

step1. check event description, if anything gives a lot more points than usual, it’s in description
step2. go highest rarity always, do 3-4 fight vs same enemy to check if scores go up (not that difficult to notice…if it goes up each time or if it changes by a multiplier)
step3. You basicaly gathered all required info in first two steps. Always go with order: troops mentioned in event description, highest rarity/lowest level (if scores dont go up), highest rarity/highest level (if scores go up vs same enemy).

Thats for maxing out score/sigil…

Are you sure? I was under the impression that you could go with lowest level in either case, i.e. score still goes up even if you already fought that same level.

Also, haven’t there been instances in which same rarity troops yielded different scores? Without that troop being the jolly one explicitly mentioned for that event, I mean. Maybe someone keeping better records than me can confirm or debunk it.


My guild doesn’t max out rewards. I can’t waste a few sigils to find out what I should do.

That said, if scoring was unique to each guild like Tower of Doom, that’d be fine. But since I could save my sigils and just check the forums, that is what I am doing.

That tells you the best fight, but now how the other fights compare to each other.

Sometimes legendary is better than mythic so no, don’t always go for highest rarity. And sometimes, like last week, two fights of the same rarity will give different points.


Yes. If it is the same enemy, do the lowest level. I tested this a while back and both fights will give the same points. Unless that has been changed. :sweat_smile:

Last week Dracos and Carnex were both legendary and yielded different points. …I can’t remember if the event mentioned them. I think it was Tina?

Which you can see just by doing those 2 battles… I mean… It’s obvious that higher rarirty battles give more points, so comparing battles of same rarity usualy gives you the answer…

It wasn’t changed.

Score goes up if you fought same enemy… ‘highest level’ in that post should be referenced as:

“battle versus enemy you fought up more times”

2 x mercy lvl 70
1x valor lvl 200
1x valor lvl 230
optimal pick route would be: Valor 200, valor 230, mercy (or if another valor pops up → Valor)

Both Valor fight are “higher lvl” than Mercy battles in example above.

Anyways. Forum info about scoring aren’t that much needed. You can easily get that data by using few sigils on fights you would do anyways… just write down points you get :roll_eyes:

Mine also doesn’t max rewards. At least not always. Last week we were short 3,5k for last reward (half points needed for last one). Few weeks back, 2-3 of our members did a gem burnout to get last reward on Sunday. etc.
Still i dont think using few sigils to check the scoring on highest rarity battles isn’t any kind of waste - it’s almost 100% you’d do those battles anyway…

I am one of those take notes kind of person, so I don’t have any issue with comparing battles if that was the intention. I just don’t know why you would when the answer is already posted in the forums by the devs themselves.


I see, I misinterpreted the original statement, in this case I concur.

I also agree that you will probably end up fighting those battles anyway in most cases (at least in those events affected by blue walls, where encounters don’t reset) and that you can infer scoring rules by yourself in a matter of few matches… But I’d still rather have devs writing them down for me, conveniently in game, because I already have enough things to track and calculate IRL to also spend my leisure time in such activities :stuck_out_tongue:

My personal opinion on that matter is: it should be in-game (and can be on forum) or it shouldn’t be on forums, if it isn’t ingame… I know that for some time forum has been some kind of a plaster and place to publish thing that game UI isn’t capable of showing up…

Sure I get your point :slight_smile: I’d prefer to have it in-game only or don’t have it anywhere, but that’s me :slight_smile: