A tiny bit of appreciation

Regardless of all the problems out there, I want to say that I’m really grateful for the following:

  • Seeing day color on Attack tab in GW
  • Adding gem counting to relevant troops
  • GW defense success status
  • Sentinel leveling system (reminded by @Stripy)
  • Better troop filter experience and color filtering (reminded by @Madhermit)

These have been requested before, actually implemented, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ever mentioning these. So allow me to thank you, developers, for these. These are appreciated.


Take your appreciation and leave.

You are no longer welcome here.

Have I ever been, though? :smirk: This makes no difference to me. I’ll keep destroying your hopes for more toxic threads and stay.

I am having difficulty determining if you two are playing or serious…

That said i agree with the OP and would add that i adore the post 3.2 experience thoroughly and would only add a few small things that have been asked for elsewhere already

He was probably serious. I took advantage of it and played :smirk:
I like the 3.2 overall, as you said.

Most of the problems that came are either visual, or have been here before. If they mange to finish the visual update (because whichever way you look at it, it’s not bad - but it is unfinished), and manage to fix a few problems here and there - I can see myself enjoying this game again.

There is still a lot of work ahead, but I want to see what they’ll manage to work out. This game could still come back from the horrible state it felt into.

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I was playing :laughing:

Strangely I like what everyone seems to hate and that’s how chest openings now look. On PC anyway. Mobile is still missing graphics.

Agree. GW is much better with 6.2.
They did a good job and even fixed up the levelling sentinels experience

How could I forgot to mention that :scream:
omw to add that to the OP

Can’t wait for v9.9e!

These are definitely solid improvements @Trajic , and i would also add being able to sort troops by multiple colours.

(I am personally appalled by the new look and overall update, but there are plenty of other threads this can be discussed in. I hope this thread stays on track)

Thank you so much @Trajic!

@Madhermit Oh… I actually… I have been using it wrong, I literally learned how to make it work the wanted way just right now :smile:

No, no.
… We thank you guys @Saltypatra .

And don’t worry, I’ll always be the agent who’ll notice the good sides, even in the dark times. Definitely praise the developers at your office from me, will you? They brought forth some fine nice quality of life changes.

As long as you guys keep bringing improvements - I’ll keep bringing them up :smirk:

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