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Letter #muttering

I admit, I do not believe that this post will change anything. But I can not do more than that.
Each player comes a period when the game is not so enthralling, someone has already received the main achievements, someone has to spend more time in real life, someone does not want to get hung up on one game. However, if you are still here, then there was a time when you liked the game, a time you do not want to forget about.

When our guild just started, the main idea was to win in GW. We started with the 40th bracket, went a long way, put a lot of effort. We recruited weak players and trained them. In the Russian sector there was very little information about the game, so the guides had to be done from scratch. Gradually, we grew, defeating more and more powerful opponents. But the main blow came from where they did not expect. From competitive, the game evolved into a devourer of time.

Look at the latest innovations, they are not made for players who loved Guild Wars. Nothing was done for us. However, it seems to me that those who are indifferent to GW have received only the appearance of development. The game was not widely developed. We are showered with a stream of the same content.

Did you collect gold for Kingdoms and trait stones for troops? Now you can collect pets. After you can collect weapons. And do not forget about the weekly event! Boss.Towers.Bounty hunting.All of that look like monotonous conveyor. For me, the creative impotence of the developers is clearly visible. They lead the project to a standstill and do not understand this. And maybe they understand. After all, it is impossible not to notice that the game introduces modes that do not even try to diversify visually. The same gray frame, wherever you go. The only one model of the boss? By the way, who is he? Why have we never heard of him before? He is not even trying to fit into the existing world. The same was with the towers.

But everyone is already tired of the discussions, let’s wonder how can you return the game to its former charm? That’s how I see it:
Throw away everything that was added in the last half of the year (okay, except for the pet, they are cute), focus on the legend of the world, logically describing the events taking place - and this will be development. Enter the awards for the prize places in all GW brackets - and this will be development, enter the branches of the talents of the heroes - and this will be development. And do not have to do 20 levels of pumping for each talent! Just give players scope for creativity, not just for the farm. Otherwise, Gems Of War will cease to be RPG.

With love to Krystara. With pain in the heart.
LastGrim, Glorious Immortals.

P.S. English is not my native language, so I apologize if it was expressed inaccurately somewhere.


Just one thing I don’t quite follow in your post - “enter the branches of the talents of the heroes - and this will be development”.

What do you mean by this? Some sort of change to how GW is run? Just curious :slight_smile:

I think this can’t be overstated. GW already was a rather small aspect of the game with only 5 games a day, way too little for people who really enjoyed this mode. And then they went ahead and cut that by 2/3 and left nothing in place of it.
So i’m with you on this issue, but on the ‘throw away everything that was added in the last half year’ part i have to disagree.
Don’t get me wrong, personally i hate Raid/Invasions, they are just not my thing, but i know from reading on here that these modes are enjoyed by some players.
Taking them out now would just be the same mistake they did with GW. “Oh you enjoyed this? Now watch us taking it away from you again, fools!”
I hope they tweak these modes further, make them more distict from eachother, change up enough of it so they feel like less of yet another resource grind, but taking them out would just be bad.


This is just an example of where you can move. Each hero class has 3 skills. Previously, we could choose 1 of them. Now all three work. Why not do more and develop them to the branches of talent from some other RPGs? Just an option.


So, you are talking about having skill trees for GoW heroes like they have in other RPG games?

Yes. Why not? Anything that can dilute monotony.

Well, and this is subjectively speaking here, what was “charming” for me was the old GUI.

The border display around the troop art and such, made it seem like a collectible card… that would increase in value with ascensions and traiting, represented by the border color change and the trait flags/banners/markers (not quite sure what to call 'em).

I mean, the trait markers are still there, but they seem less noticeable with the new troop display/design, imho.

Oh, and opening chests… that felt a bit more special way back when. But, I can probably attribute that to a lowered expectation of seeing anything “NEW!”… (I just got that feeling you get when you look at a word and think that it isn’t one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

I actually wouldn’t mind that “whoosh” sound returning when opening and claiming my rewards in the in-game mail. That charmed me ever so fleetingly.

On, and @LastGrim, your postscript… your English seems fairly decent to me, with indiscernible non-native tendencies in your post(s). :slightly_smiling_face:

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