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Purple Imp - Last one to the party

Purple is the only colour that an Imp doesn’t use yet.

Wonder what it’ll be…

Also wondering if and when Consoles will get Imps, since a few players already have one (doesn’t matter if it was released accidentally, they still have one and I dont :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I wonder if it will place death mark on all enemies. That would be some crazy RNG. xD

I can only imagine @Tacet

I say give the Purple Imp a Spell no other Troop has, the ability to transform any colour to any other colour.

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Impossible, there’s never been a 2-click troop! :scream:


Break the damn mould!

I doubt this troop would have it, but convert a random color to a random color would be pretty cool.

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Wait what does black imp do?

It’s the autumn imp, it destroys random gems.

Purple Imp should be PImping! :wink:

I bet it will give all enemy random effect like the Dragonator 8000.
Deathmarks on all enemys would be to strong

Purple imp should be the Halloween one :slight_smile: .
Halloween -> Witch -> Magic -> Purple color.