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What with all the discrimination?

Why all the hate for purple?

Red gets love.
Blue gets love.
Yellow gets love.
Brown get love.
Green get love.

Purple Lives Matter too! So why is there no purple imp? All the other colors have elemental imps, but no love for purple.

He could be the magic imp or the night imp or something.

So, show love and give us a purple imp!

P.S. a psychotic clown card would be cool too. There are also no Fools or Harlequin cards even though they fit a medieval theme and are so iconic they are standards in both playing cards and tarot cards. You have hermit; why no jester?

P.S.S. - Pictures left for inspirational purposes only.

Purple Pimp Imp
Cost: 12
Ability: Pander - Create 8 gems of a chosen enemy’s color, summon a level 20 succubus and gain 10 gold.
Trait 1 - Cool - Can not be affected by frozen or mana burn.
Trait 2 - Pimp Slap - Reflects 50% of Skull Damage
Trait 3 - Procurement - 50% to summon a random female card when ally dies.


There is black mana? Did I miss sth?

Well in the game the call it “brown mana” but the color is actually black. I think they only call it brown mana because it’s suppose to represent “earth”.

Too many powerful purple troops already. They get plenty of love.

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Purple imp is the creation of nimhain, last i checked. Also it is theorized that the purple imp will come out during fall just in time for Halloween. Jack Skellington anyone? Also if the purple imp added a way to gain mana for the other mon colors would be nice to make a 4xx team more viable.

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:clap: I LOVE IT!!!

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on my android client and steam the color really looks brown to me

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Definitely looks brown to me on my iPhone

Color blind confirmed. That is not an insult.

i am guessing maybe on some devices the colors display poorly and it shows black indeed? like if it has less red and yellow value it would turn into black/grayish i imagine

I did not consider that.