Are we getting a Spring Imp?

This might be too much to ask, given we’re getting 1.0.9 and a new Kingdom and all, but some of us are sitting on a fat wad of Arcane Stealth Stones! :scream:

There will be a Spring Imp, we can’t have Summer, Autumnal and Winter without the last of the siblings.

No ETA at the moment when it will be released.


Just like Spring itself! :wink:

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Assuming Spring Imp (named Vernal Imp to be consistent with Autumnal Imp?) is green…

… Then that just leaves a purple one… Save that for next Halloween?

No “just” about it - plenty more imps in @nimhain’s head per this old post.

Necromantic Imp

Deal X damage randomly, destroy purple to boost, summon a skeleton if any die
Elemental Bond
Magic Link

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We have imp of love, so I think we need imp of hate, also, to make it go up in up.

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The Imp of Love is also the Imp of Hate, these are synonymous. If you want the reverse version of love, it should be the Imp of Indifference.

no, Imp of Hate.

Oh dear… you haven’t even met my wife…

Not true, the opposite would be Imp Of Marriage…

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Imp of Marriage:

Unique Legendary Trait::Divorce
If Imp of Marriage leaves play, target creature loses half of all stats.


[quote=“Eika, post:9, topic:4153, full:true”]
no, Imp of Hate.
[/quote]See, Imp of Love makes the target troop love its enemy, thus hate its friends and attack them. That’s why I said they’re the same.

If there was an Imp of Hate, What do you suggest for his spell, and why?

And of course 7th king of imps with prismatic colors :slightly_smiling:

Imp of Marriage

Trait: Told You So - Every turn will leave your opponent with a match 4 or 5 opportunity, clearly showing that you made the wrong decision.



also Trait: Just Hiding Things - on your turn only, all Skulls become invisible and cannot be selected for moves…


I see absolutely nothing.
Not, sure, what would you suggest, for his spell, and why?

Nope, doesn’t make much sense to me either…

The Vernal Equinox is on the 19th this year…

Its spell could act as an enemy lure, and whoever the imp casts it on will only target the imp with its own spells. Or perhaps the imp can chose who the enemy goes berserk on, not neccessarily the imp. Or perhaps wenever the taget of the imps spell has filled their mana, they will deal their skull damage (or a random, or different set damage) to the imp, or whoever the imp has decided is the hated target if we are going with that ability. if the imp isnt automatically the hated target then ofc the imp couldnt choose another enemy as the target, would have to be one of the imps allies, or op. Actually its probably op if the imp can choose at all. the imp becomes the hated target :slight_smile: I dunno… something like that, at least it is original :wink: @yonizaf

It seems thqt Spring Imp is late ;-).