The winter of our discontent

Is it just me, or is the Winter Imp not up to the same level as the Summer and Autumnal Imps? I mean, 9/10 true damage sounds really nice, but split among four enemies (who probably already have a huge amount of life due to global bonuses and kingdom/troop bonuses) it doesn’t do much. At least the other two imps have another effect to boost their usefulness. I tried building a team of Drake Rider/Valkyrie/Winter Imp/Winter Imp, but even when I can get the Imps’ spells to come off I don’t really make a significant dent in the opposing team. And the odds of actually killing anyone with the spell? Minute. Seems to me they’re best used against Undead troops with low health.

Am I on track, or am I missing something that makes them way more awesome than I think?

It is not just you.
The Winter Imp looks nice, but once you realize the splitting, it is quite underwhelming.
And even Undead, in a proper team, will have such buffed health through kingdom/troop type bonuses, that the bits of true damage will be meaningless.

Sounds like an imp-ending (double pun xD) buff ^^

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You know they are underpowered when Mel can’t find something nice to say about an Imp!

To me, it seems like the winter one is missing its “…and do something else cool too…” line. If I read all three of the ones I have, the Winter definitely seems like the odd Imp out. Maybe it needs add some health split randomly among your allies. Maybe half the rate of the true damage?


Well when I first read the spell, my initial thought was “OK, less damage, but true damage, and no additional effect because true damage can be deadly,” but with all the health buffs out there, this isn’t as reasonable as it seems… Given that the other two imps so far deal in mana creation/destruction, I think a reasonable change would be “and remove all blue gems to boost the effect” (probably on a 2:1 ratio?). I dunno, it just seems like this Imp doesn’t cut it…


I like the boost off blue idea better than my suggestion!


Boosting off of blue isn’t a bad idea. It would hinder him, as he wont have any blue mana to match again right away, but that would serve as a good balance for boosted true damage. Maybe a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio? 2:1 seems a bit much, considering it is true damage. And with popular troops like Valkyrie around, creating that blue mana again won’t be much of a problem.

I also like the boost blue.

It could even on occasion help get a match 4.

2:1 might be too high a ratio, but since, as you pointed out, he would be removing his own ability to recharge and the other problems I outlined with a split-damage character, I’m not sure 2:1 would really be that overpowered. But 3:1 might be a better balance.

I’d vote for 3:1 (4:1 would also be possible) since that is the common ratio among the current troops. I see no reason why it should get a better ratio, especially considering it is true damage.