Seasonal imp teams

With the knowledge that we are going to get a 6th season imp eventually from @Nimhain what are your current favorite, elemental imps line-ups and maybe some suggestions on how to make the line up faster through a purple imp.

The best Imp team is one that doesn’t use 4 Imps. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a fan of any of them, but my favorite 2 are:

Autumn Imp
Winter Imp
Spring Imp
Imperial Gem


Winter Imp
Winter Imp

The meta for them down the line will likely be 3 imps with a base mythic.

Is this the Imperial Jewel? And if so what role does it serve? Just random damage split among enemies?

I noticed there was some synergy among them but only with summer imp, imp of love and autumn imp. I can imagine a prismatic orb to make armor and gems of the imps’ colors but jewel?

i named my imp team - imp-tacular

summer imp*,
imp of love***,
winter imp*,
spring imp* -

under a blue yellow banner.
all my imps have their 1st trait for a total of +8 hp each. and the imp of love has all 3 traits for that extra magic on red matches. :slight_smile:

Do you have autumn imp?

yep, dont generally like the random gem explosions.

Oh ok, i saw him as a way to fill the other imps like summer fills love.

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some do. i never had enough brown runics to trait him, so maybe after i get some for him, ill feel differently :smiley:

I hope that the purple imp adds more synergy than autumn and summer. @Nimhain How much progress have you made on the purple imp and um any eta as to what part of the year it will be in?

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Spring imp
Summer imp
Purple imp

My hope is that Purple imp makes this line up actually good cause with the imps mono-coloring i cover every color and step on none. @Nimhain What are your thoughts on my line-up?


Hard to say, since there’s no purple imp and therefore we have no idea what it does. :smiley:

We’ve most likely been discussing possible spell ideas. Purple imp will most likely come later this year, no eta or promises though.


I’d say Purple/Magic/Undead would fit well with Halloween, but I think Autumn Imp has that covered pretty well. Maybe something in autumn though is my best guess…

We have two troops for one part of the year so having another would not be so bad, and a Halloween themed troop could give major support to the other imps depending on spell. One imp makes red gems so another that just gives mana to a troop directly would be amazing but less sunweaver-y.

we don’t have imps on console… but this sounds good to me…

Summer of love


its the perfect hippy formation its got a tree,summer,love & and a super hot guy.


Not sure if it is considered an imp line-up, since it is only a single imp centered team:

Hero (Farsight Orb)
Sea Troll
Winter Imp

The magic gain trait is twice as effective with true damage. I have not yet adjusted for the blue generating Glacial Peaks troop, Jackelope, but it appears I don’t need to.

If you built a team around one of the imps i would consider it an inp line-up as it seems with your team, you are trying to cast winterimp as fast and as often as possible.