Wanting some advice on building a team around Winter Imp

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying out some different combos of troops and really wanted to make one around Winter Imp. I know I’ll need a good generator of blue gems to power it up but wasn’t sure how else to make the most out of it.

I thought maybe of using faerie fire as well but the one I was thinking of, Glitterclaw, changes all blue gems to green so would take away it’s mana.
Any advice would be appreciated!

A team I threw together in like 15 seconds:

Essence of Evil with some kind of half mana start
Winter Imp
Spirit Fox
Ocularen Banner

EoE’s Faerie Fire will help with damage, otherwise S.Fox and EoE will help flood the board with Skadi’s Blue.

Was testing with Plaguelord. Untested against meta teams.

But really, Blue Storm + a way to reset the board so there are blue gems to grab for Winter Imp is your best bet for using it.

Winter Imp is not an easy troop to make a winning team with.

From the top of the mind…

Jar of Eyes (preferably on a Frostmage)
Winter Imp
Champion of Anu

Build up Magic on the Imp as high as possible. Should clean out the opponents in a couple of casts. Jar of Eyes has Icestorm. So, very useful.