Preemptive "Why is there no purple imp?" thread


For the authentic internet feel, pllease feel free to ignore any correct spelling, grammar and syntax in this thread.

With that out of the way:
There are four seasons. There will eventually be four seasonal imps. We already have a Yellow Summer Imp and a Brown Autumn Imp. It’s fairly safe to assume that they will be followed by a Blue Winter Imp and a Green Spring Imp.
Yet there are six colours of magic. Not having an imp for Red and Purple mana seems wrong. So how can we fix that? A Purple Halloween/Samhain Imp? A Red Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day Imp? A Prismatic Anniversary Imp?

This could possibly be the most important issue the Gems of War Devs and community will ever be faced with!

~ Sincerely yours,
the imps that hacked Melkathi’s account


Fear not my fellow imps! For there will be imps of every color! The seasonal imps are merely preparing the way for the rest to follow.

-Imps that reside in Nimhain’s Head

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Are we getting a Spring Imp?

And the whole of impdom rejoiced. For every imp knew that the imps that reside in Nimhain’s Head had inside information, could tap secret knowledge unknown to normal imps. Yes, some would go as far as to say they could even see glimpses of the future of Krystara.

~ the Imp Narrator


Sounds like an upcoming imp kingdom :wink:

-the yet homeless imp community