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So someone whispered to me

Purple Imps third trait will be:
Imp-powered: All Imps lose 8 magic. All Imps deal aoe instead of split damage.


Seems peculiar…

Yeah you’re right - it should rather be “all of your imps deal aoe and lose 8 magic”. Probably didn’t hear that right.

If you keep hearing these voices, you really should see a specialist…

I think you might be hearing-IMPaired…


That’s appalling…


Hey that’s kinda rude! Maybe I just got the wrong impression :innocent:

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Don’t encourage him…

It’s implausible that they can keep going with all these puns.

Oh you’re impossible Oz…

Nah, just naive and impressionable :innocent:

I think the thread will impload at this rate.

Well let’s hope it won’t because else that would be horrible for the imp-patient!

I am sharpening my knives…


This reminds me of when the Lounge didn’t have more than 5 Regulars, and was called the Imp’s Lounge!

@melkathi, where for art thou.

at work. Bored. The usual.


Please stop it with all the imp puns. It is making this thread impossible to bare.

Well I’m impressed by this impossibly wonderful thread, though it may have been imprudent, given @Jainusimpure impulse to impress his will upon us with various sharp implements!

Nevertheless, I implore you all to remain calm. No impolite or improper behavior will be tolerated here.

Especially impromptu stabbing!


But, but… hasn’t anybody noticed @melkathi has returned??!

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I don’t think @melkathi has ‘returned’, probably just saw the mention notification (likely through email) and came to respond specifically to that. This has happened before, so don’t expect anything more.