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Set up Team for Summer imp

Ive got the summer imp on ps4.can any one help me with 3 other troops to go with him.many thanks

You are like, one of ten players on Console that have that Troop and still play :laughing:

It was accidentally in chests for less than a day really early on.

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My team with summer imp long back before I passed level 100 was jarl/hero with torch/summer imp and moloch.
At that point we didn’t have traits nor heroes had classes so idc how good will it be (I also don’t know your level). But it should be OK if you don’t mind the low color usage (only 3 colors but you spam so much of those colors it isn’t a problem)

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I only have the one imp.

You are talking about spring imp mate.

Summer imp

an autumn imp was caught also, maybe you mean the autumn imp.

No I was one of the rare players that got the summer imp out of a chest.it’s when we had the key glitch when we where getting the better keys for finishing tasks for the guild.

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@Moshimonsters do you have any red or blue using legendaries?
like crimson bat, jarl…

Yes all maxed out.

generally what i seen ‘might’ work somewhat was team full of imps each different color, but never tried that.

jarl /summer imp /goblin rocket /valkyrie +2red banner

deep borer /summer imp /valkyrie /sheggra +2red or +leonis (2blue/1yellow/-1green) banner

if no valk insert mercy or star gazer :stuck_out_tongue:

ill think of it more when i get home, posting for now…

but i dont really recommend using summer imp when you have troops like crimson bat etc… and to be honest summer imp just eats out on valkyrie mana which is uncool. i do not recommend no-soul-gaining teams.

Awesome stuff thanks for your time.I will give these a try.let you know how I get on