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Regarding the Troop Transformation mechanic

It is a novel idea, and I especially love the vampire theme for this week’s event.
However, a little suggestion for future Troop Transformation cards…

Please, please, PLEASE keep them the same Colors across transformation.
As much as I would love to use them, the fact that they swift around in colors can really throw a team out of whack, and thus making them impractical to use.

I would be all-ready to build a vampire team if all 3 of Nosferatu’s forms stick to the same Mana Colors.

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They all have have one similar color (Brown for Werewolf, Purple for vampire team).
It seems to me enough, no?

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Bat Swarm is Red/Brown. If anything, this plays like a mythic with Red/Brown/Purple

Right my mistake… I ebelieved that Bat was Green/Purple for whatever reasons…

I understand what the OP said it somewhat forces the players to have two generators of two different colors… which is meh. Or else, use exploders…