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[NOT A BUG BUT LOOKING INTO THINGS] Lycanthropy - The base mechanics are even broken

Forgive my lack of “template use” but to restrain my thoughts on the matter. I’m just going to list the issue. Nothing else in the template form should matter anyway. Since this is very much most likely a design issue more than a bug. But since it goes against what @Nimhain said how transforms are supposed to work. I’m gonna throw out a snowball here.

  • A troop that has Lycanthropy on it, prior to it transforming into a beast we see the same animation as we do when a troop gets Devoured. That’s different than any other troop in the game when it transforms.

  • Since it’s the opponent causing the troop to transform. The troop should be half the level of whatever it originally was. So if Lycanthropy is cast on a Level 20 troop. If Transformed it should become a level 10 troop.

  • Since it’s the opponent causing the troop to transform. The troop should lose all it’s traits if transformed. So if Lycanthropy takes effect, the new beast should have zero traits.

Testing ya, di, di, ya, ya…if anyone was listening… we’d been heard by now. Things like this, are what happens when you go a year or more without listening.
All of this is separate from the game breaking bug in a different thread.

(That’s me restrained. 🤷)


Not to mention it totally ruins Essence of Evil. Way to destroy an awesome weapon.


There is at least one troop that inflicts submerged on an enemy. Lycanthropy should work the same way.
Perhaps, instead of treating Lycanthropy as a negative status effect, it can be limited to only be inflicted directly by new troops that have such a spell?
Then, EoE and Magnus would be useful again.

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First… big hugs for clarifying that you know it’s a design issue and not really a bug. I try to help out with bug stuff here and it’s a minefield trying to figure out who actually really thinks it’s a bug and who is just labeling poor design as a bug. Your pseudo bugs are pretty easy to spot but still… maybe you will start a trend with the clarifications. :pray:

Second… lycanthropy is a train wreck. If it’s a status effect, why is it listed separately like death mark for immunity? I really care about this game and enjoy it… But I’d rather they leave the game alone till PQ3 gets going than add broken borkiville junk here.


About the best resolution that can be asked for…

Outside of it actually working like the rest of the game.


@Saltypatra I appreciate the title change and I don’t require an official comment. In my head I can imagine how Lycanthropy Gems are going to work. And it’s going to be imperative for troops to become half the Level that they were if I’m correct in my speculation before this new mechanic is rolled out.

If Lycanthropy remains unchanged fundamentally prior to Lycanthropy Gems being released whenever that may be. Then it’ll be a disaster.

Forgive me if this should be hidden under spoilers but Lycanthropy is certainly not a spoiler and in your own app store details new gems are advertised so yeah. 🤷

Theory: Lycantrophy was intended only for specific troops, it’s a gimmick. But they included it in EoE and other “random negative effect” troops so that we would play around with it, report bugs, basically do the QA for them, thus giving them enough time to fix discovered issues before the troops that are actually intended to inflict it come out. As an added bonus, they generate some goodwill when they remove lycantrophy from EoE as requested by the community.