Lycanthropy Feedback

I am a long time player who spends a fair amount of money on this game. I am almost at VIP 11. I am going to stop spending money on the game for now and where I am trying to deal with it, I can’t stand Lycanthropy and think I might need to quit since now the game is not fun.

I could understand if it was a thing for certains areas of the game (delve, pvp, explore, whatever) but it encompasses every type of fight this game has and I am just tired of it. The effect has been transforming my troops literally every 1 or 2 fights. I don’t like applying it to the enemy troops either because they get a whole new troop with full health, full level, and full traits. I like the teams I build and I have fun playing levels without playing super quick, kill all in 1 turn teams. I enjoy changing teams a lot. Lycanthorpy is just ruining the game for me.


Thanks for ruining the fun for some players who would suggest that you use teams that finish off battles in one or two turns. I understand you, mate.


I like Lycantropy because it brings to the game more variety but l agree that it is happening too often, and after the troops regains their full health, level and traits with another one, and my group became maybe an unknown troop, I often feels that this game is totally senseless. It would be much better if the lycantrop groups would change in that state as they are being in the moment of their changing.


I want to be mad at you here but I’m not! Lol. Because I totally get liking variety. I do. Especially after some years. But if a mechanic can turn your entire team into a completely different team, why bother making teams at all?

FWIW… as much as I think lycanthropy can’t die in a fire fast enough… I’d be ok if it were only a cast able effect on a few troops. No gems, no trait procs. Just I filled my mana and now I can lycanthropy you. Maybe a mythic that can cast it on all (or weapon). Otherwise a percent chance on cast based on whatever. Like devour works now.


Variety is like diversity. It’s nice and all, but if you put to much of (radical) it, it makes the core loose its identity.
I cannot get new players among my friends to try and enjoy the game after explaining Lyanthropy’s whereabouts. Sad.


The mechanic is 100% bad game design. You can throw random elements into a game to make it less predictable, but doing something that entirely overwrites player decisions is just frustrating. It makes the game less about team design and strategy, and almost entirely about luck.

Beyond that, with the full heal, it turns the game into a minefield. Not only do you not want to see it on your troops, but it’s the only negative status effect that you really don’t want hitting enemy troops as well, particularly in the world event, where it’s likely to heal a high-level enemy from double digit health to a couple hundred. It really doesn’t matter that it’s a random troop; level 200 is still level 200.

I’m at over 800 hours on Steam, and I don’t know how many on mobile, and this mechanic is seriously making me consider just walking away.


Lycanthropy makes Essence of Evil completely useless at high event stages. Anything where you’re using EoE for the Fairie Fire to help kill an enemy is pointless since EoE adds Lycanthropy as well. I can’t even remember how many sigils I lost simply because I’d cast EoE on an enemy, and within two turns Lycanthropy would remove ALL the debuffs and transform them into something else. Even when they were almost dead, Lycanthropy would just give the enemy team a brand new unit at full health with no debuffs.

It definitely needs to be reworked.


Same frustration on my side. This should be a game of Team Creation. Lycanthropy just overwrites your team. This is RNG at it’s worst.


Definitely if you’re not having fun anymore then stop playing. There’s no sense in playing a game if it isn’t fun. I took a break from the game for about 6 months before I came back because I wasn’t having fun with it anymore.

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I dont like it, so ofc Uncle Rambo has to love it. Not sure if he just says it to annoys me or not.

I am on the same situation (Vip 10). Thinking to leave the game. One more trigger to HATE and it is time to retire. I think this is the devs strategy to trim out players. It just doesn’t make sense why they need to ruin the game that the players used to love. The current version is full of bugs and feels like it is intentional.


I suppose, if, for example, literaly none of my guildmates like lycantropy, theres something wrong with it.

In pvp, - okay, I’ll stand it. In expeditions - fine, I’ll take it. In GW - ok, even in it its not a crucial matter of disturbing.


But when I loose a warlaven or gnome cause of accidental lyco-transforming - its even not a fun. Its sad or outrageous.

In delve, when I trying to capture 2500 in Amanitrax, I shoot from 4 Trouffles in a row. And the first one is still without full mana. With such a random you had put a great chance of transforming mine or opponent’s troop in some garbage. Today I’d lost 2 delwes cause of preety accurate transformations of mine King Irongut that made ~400 lvl delve finishing impossible. After it I do remind the words of one of my guildmates “the lycantropy had destroyed the game”. Maybe it sounds a bit too “too”, but delves are destroyed undoubtedly.


My guildmates and I love this game.
On behalf of my guild I ask you to remove the Lycanthropy patch.
We thank you for taking note.


Yes it is so bad, the only reasonable thing to do is to remove this shit completely.


Example; last Guild War battle of day. I have new mythic Mirilithic, they have Skaldi (neither of whom have lycanthropy curse). After a short continuing battle, both troops are changed by lycanthropy. Their troop becomes Amarok, mine Dynamite Goat !! Battle lost shortly after and team let down through this hastily scribbled together rubbish.
Please remove this from the game. Unfair, unbalanced, unnecessary.


I think the mechanic needs to modified and trimmed so that it is not all encompassing and any team member can be affected. I think it should be a trait of vampires, werewolves, and other Were-creatures such that when they do skull damage they inflict the character attacked with it (or as part of their spell effect). I think that these types of creatures should be immune to the effect as should undead and those that are “Impervious” (the last probably already is, but I’dhave to jump out of here to look at one and verify it).

Dwarves with fortutude should see a lesser chance of being affected (half the normal rate), and Elves should be resistant to it also with thier “X Ancestry” ( x being high, dark, wood, etcetera). I dont care for the gems on the field and that virtually everything can be affected at random. And while some races may be resistant to it in this manner, perhaps a small number should also be more susceptible (double the normal rate)(Goblins, kobolds, orcs?).

I’d say y’all devs should look at it this way and try it. You’re already irritating players with it, sounds like experimentation would be good and possibly be less irritating and help keep players. If youre beginning to drive some away with it what do you have to lose by trying?


Lycanthropy is proving to be the final straw.

This mechanic adds randomness, which, in and of itself, isn’t bad. It’s an interesting mechanic, and like most have already posted, the implementation is not good at all.

However, there are too many game modes (such as delves) that are now rendered into chaotic messes that are all but unplayable, especially for newer players. A battle that, theoretically, should take about 60 seconds can end up taking anywhere from 20 or 200+ based entirely on RNG. This is unacceptable to the point where I’m probably going to quit my guild and just leave the game. It’s been fun, but it’s frustrating enough playing against the same 4 or so defense teams all the time (yes, I’m exaggerating, but not by much). This just takes that tedium and makes it more obnoxious.

I’ve been playing this game for years and only just now created an account here to voice my dissatisfaction (not that anything will come of it, but hope springs eternal).


Please remove lycan, way too annoying


Lycanthropy is making high level events/delves/explore/etc. tedious. I play games to have fun and when that game starts to feel like a chore or work, I stop playing that game. I can’t even remember how many battles were prolonged or I lost simply because the enemy troop kept transforming into a fully-healed new level 300+ unit.

If Lycanthropy was reworked to reduce the level per transformation, that would make things a little more bearable because as it stands, any unit that can explode gems or add negative status effects will effectively prolong the battle. Currently, it’s just not worth the trouble to use any unit that can explode gems at high levels simply because of this mechanic. Either cut the transformed unit’s level in half or by 3/4 or something. Anything to keep Lycanthropy from feeling like a punishment.


I will repeat what i’ve said some time ago about delving during current event → if lycanthropy is annoying you, just stop delving until week 10 of campaign is over… You won’t see Lyc gems skyfalling. Only option to apply lycanthropy will be troops which give “random status effect”… delves won’t be 100% free from Lyc, BUT, it should be more bearable. :wink: