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Personal Request

To Whomever designed Lycanthropy.

I have a great game (or it was great at least at one time) I’d like you to try.

Maybe spend a hour or 2 playing it. Get a feel for how it’s supposed to work. See how the other designers had transform work. Do a sigil event. Cast transform on a Valraven. Get a feel for the game.

Just 5 hours, maybe 10. Before you come up with any more wonderful ideas for the game.

Quality assurance, I’d recommend the game to you as well. But your own pay checks weren’t enough of an incentive. So my words won’t matter one bit.


:+1: for sarcasm.

The game’s quality is in fact degrading, I can confirm this with this, from yesterday’s troop.

This used to be interesting and fascinating lore based around these troops, and now this is just lazy. It’s literally the troop’s troop type, the name of one of his traits, and what his spell does. I don’t know who was in charge of writing this lore but they must have been laid off or something. It seems to me, like all turds given about this game’s development were thrown down the toilet (which is where turds belong).


Lycanthropy is a master class in sloppy implementation. If you are going to introduce a new flavor of an existing mechanic, you use the existing mechanic as a template, no? Which you already alluded to. But it’s just so wildly weird to me, I can’t NOT say it again.

I love this game a lot, warts and all. There are things I would change and/or fix. Overall, I can live with most of the quirks. This one is bugging me so much because it is soooo unnecessary.

It’s not like there has been a hoard at the gates, armed with torches and pitchforks, demanding a new transform, immediately. It’s also not a monetization mechanic, so I doubt there was some executive pressure to birth this monstrosity. I’m just at a loss as to how this got in without anyone actually thinking about it first. Ugh.

I’m an optimist at heart, so I have to believe this will get sorted out eventually. But, wow, though.


It all boils down to we play the game more than the devs, we understand the game better than the devs, we know what we want better than the devs. Given these facts I don’t understand why they don’t utilize the beta testers more. Don’t just ask them to test things that are basically finished product and going to be released no matter what.