Dare I say...I like Lycanthropy

OK, so I know this is going against the flow but I’m really enjoying Lycanthropy - and the new gems. As an end-gamer I’m happy with new mechanics being introduced. I know that it wasn’t without quite a bit of pain to get here and obviously it’s going to be interesting to see the effect on Guild Wars, but I like what it’s added. I like the random element that means you’re trying to get to the Lycanthropy gem first. And the masochist in me likes seeing what random Beast I may be transformed into.

I’ve been playing with EoE and I’m cool with the changes there too. After many weeks of pretty indentikit campaigns I really do welcome the shake up - and the promise of more to come. I’ve invested a lot into the game (time and money) and I appreciate every development won’t be to everyone’s taste but I’m on board for it.

Remembering that we all have lives beyond this and much bigger things to worry about - anything that makes me shake up tried and tested teams and ways of playing can only be good to keep it fresh


Is this thread meant to encourage people to submit teams that might counter the effect? If so, I’d be interested in seeing them.


It wasn’t posted with that intention - it was just wanting to call out that not everyone is anti-Lycanthropy, to be honest. I guess that given that a sizeable amount of troops are immune to it, a team to fight against its effects could be interesting to put together


I agree with the newness and the anticipation of future heroic gems — some seem exciting, and the mere possibilities give something to look forward to — and I’m pleasantly surprised the gems themselves look good (I wasn’t expecting much, given the status effects appearance).

Where I part is with this status effect itself. If it was actually a debuff (halving enemy stats would be a start…), I could totally be behind it — especially because, as you say, having a themed-and-not-“same-y”-feeling Campaign IS really cool. It makes the lore feel less tacked on, even if it’s still sparse and (at times) misleading for scoring mechanics. And if it’s mostly-temporary, then great — no harm when things get out of hand in week 10, because it’ll be rolled back to a “balanced” state after. But with the way lycanthropy currently functions it’s not a thing I enjoy, offensively or defensively. So :man_shrugging:

I don’t really know what to do with that.

I’ll take this opportunity, though, at the risk of veering off-topic, to say I am much more willing to give these gems a chance because I am LOVING the rerolls of Campaign Tasks so far. Basically every reroll I got was to go and kill more troops, sometimes of a certain color — and I am more than happy to oblige with that, especially when it saves me two event keys :muscle::partying_face::ok_hand:


That’s a brave opinion to go against the flow and actually telling your sincere opinion on a delicate matter, I appreciate it! My opinion on the subject is neutral at the moment.


I hear you - and I don’t think it’s without flaws but for me they are outweighed by the difference it’s making to my gameplay - like you say it may just be temporary but for now, it’s doing what I want

And totally agree on the campaign re-rolls - I can finally escape Treasure Hunts without spending gems!


I also appreciate the randomness factor.

Note to everyone: If you haven’t already, where possible, upgrade all of your Beasts. Otherwise, Lycanthropy may transform your characters into beasts without traits. That’s too easy!


I’ve been prioritizing them for medals, myself. Not sure if it matters, though — haven’t been transformed enough to see if it works :rofl:

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Playing in PvP, I have seen several transformations in my opponents’ teams. Several of those beasts could be stealthy if only the player had applied the traits. Shrug, since it then doesn’t prolong the battle as much as it could have.

(Of course, I am assuming that the game engine is using the opponent’s cards as is, not simply removing the traits for some odd reason.)

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I don’t want my characters/troops transformed. LOL


I still think its daft. But so far its transformed one of my troops and none of theirs. One time. So I can’t complain that much yet.

There is definitely a “yet” on the end of that. And I definitely have been critical of this development …

Then again my hero got turned into a penguin. I was not prepared.


The lycantrophy mechanic is just anti-player. If my opponent picks up a lycantrophy gem and it activates, I’ve lost a troop I’ve placed there for a reason. If I pick up lycantrophy gem and it activates I’ve healed my opponent.


The lycantrophy mechanic is just anti-opponent. If I pick up a lycantrophy gem and it activates, my opponent loses a troop they’ve placed there for a reason. If my opponent picks up a lycantrophy gem and it activates they’ve healed me.

(which is to say: it cuts both ways, right? the outcome of a transformation might be positive or negative for its victim.)

I’m kind of liking Lycanthropy in the world event so far: adds a little extra tactical thought when there’s lyco gems in play.

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The only scenario in which I would want Lycanthropy to activate is if it transforms an already healthy AI troop into something that would wreck the synergy of the AI team, which is highly unlikely to be the case. Otherwise, no way. Lycanthropy transforms need to cut the affected troop’s level in half and take away all of its traits, just like all other transforms that are caused by the opponent.


Maybe around half the time the opponent team doesn’t have any synergy; so replacing a random troop with another random troop will net even in the long-run during those battles. I’ve never attacked with a team that is just a bunch of randoms that don’t do anything useful excluding arena battles.

As an effect from a trait, lycantrophy is fine (don’t cast or use the troop if you don’t want it), as something that comes up from a gem that falls from the sky, it’s really not working.


This is it in a nutshell. Some people just love random elements. This is why slot machine games are a thing.

Then there are those of us who hate randomness.

There is already so much randomness without lycanthropy. Can we in the no column get thrown a bone on this? It’s arguably a strategy puzzle game.

Imagine playing chess with random pieces being exchanged. Strategy nerfed. Imagine doing a jigsaw with random pieces being exchanged for ones that won’t fit? Puzzle nerfed.

Those that like lotteries already get board sets and key draws. I just want to not deal with lycandopey


I like the gem design.


In late-game content, enemies have much higher stats than you can hope to achieve. The only way to beat them is by using strategies that allow you to punch above your weight.
Throw in lycanthropy, and that’s not going to happen. The transformation is often an upgrade for the opponent, and almost always a downgrade for you. You’ll almost always lose the fight if both sides are transformed by lycanthropy because the opponent has much higher base stats than you, and you’ve lost the synergy that you had to design.

I don’t have anything against heroic gems, but the problems with lycanthropy were very apparent even before the gems appeared (Warrens and Eldrazhor pure delves are now insanely difficult).

And the thing is, they didn’t have to design it this way. They had an existing template with transform effects that could have mitigated a lot of the current complaints. That means they actually had to go out of their way to make things more difficult for players.

At this point, I feel like the devs just have a personal vendetta against me and players like me. They’re not just indifferent or misguided; they actually look like they have an active and deep-seated hatred for players.


Lol either a bit sarcastic or you honestly have nothing left to do in the game and hence your stance. It’s fine either way tbh. For anyone else struggling to beat content like delves, it’s a pain in the ass to say the least.

As for countering it, it’s easy: Reflection of Good or Vanya like troops so you never actually get hit. That’s it.

Otheriwise, adding yet more RNG to a game based 90% around RNG is a bit messed up, but to each their own I say.


I have no opinion on lycanthropy. I just like seeing all the outrage and meltdowns. If anything I’d say keep it.