LOL Lycantropy, nobody likes it

Just remove it completely. LOL


I’m sure there are some lycanthropy lovers out there, they are just afraid to admit it because of all the negative feedback :laughing:


They can’t remove it even if they wanted to. The next campaign features it heavily, that’s 10 weeks of content (campaign lore, troops) they can’t just scrap, they have nothing to replace it with.


If the Devs insist on adding Lycanthropy (which they shouldn’t have IMO), then they should have waited until at least Campaign 6 before building an entire Campaign around this status effect so that they could gather feedback and make any needed balance adjustments BEFORE committing to building a Campaign around it. That would have also given them the opportunity to get rid of Lycanthropy entirely if the response from the playerbase is too negative. But it’s too late to remove it now.


I love it but only because of all the meltdowns that have been going on here. Other than that I have no opinion about it.


Probably not very many players “love” it, since the only prominent part of lycanthropy seen so far are the bugs.

I am actually looking forward to it. Could be interesting, assuming the bugs are removed.

Sure, it ruined my Scorpius team because the poisoned enemies would transform before I had a chance to eliminate them. So I put together a different team for (relatively) fast D12 Explore.

I see it as just another way for them to introduce more randomness into the game. There are just way too many players with skillfully crafted teams. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To be honest I really don’t know what to think, I just hope there won’t be too many these kinda changes to make the basic game too complex. I mean if there will soon be lyca gems, gems that mess with the colors and uber, duber and suber skulls, the board will be a mess… Lycanthropy did bring some excitement to the game, hoping the game won’t crash as you faced an opponent able to cast it :laughing:

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these gems will be temporary → they will spawn on themselves only if a switch is turned on.
ofc, there might be troops that will create them even if the switch is turned off…

but meh… I will make my mind when I see them in action…


Speculation time. I think they will aim to introduce one new, maybe occasional repeat heroic gem type with every campaign. That gem will spawn during the campaign, but also the campaign will feature a few troops that will be able to convert or spawn these gems. After the campaign, those troops will still be around and when in play, you’ll see the campaign gem again. They’ll all be made to match with at least one other gem (lycantrophy gems match with purple), so while the board might be a little messy, it’ll still be playable.

I don’t like lycantrophy, but I’m kinda excited for something new again :smiley:


The effect is ok, just leave it off EoE



If I were to gamble, I’d say it will be 100% the way you described it :wink:

Yes, please remove it. I spend money to the game, because it was fun. Now the fun is gone because of this f***ing lycantrophy.

But when they want to lose players, who pay for the game, they can go on.
Without me in Lvl 1237. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It does seem like a lose-lose mechanic.

  • If you hit the other team with lycanthropy through gem interaction
    best-case scenario it ruins their team synergy a bit, but replaces a possibly damaged or status-effected troop with a full-health status-free troop at the same level; worst-case scenario it actually sets you back because you were depending on the damage or status effect you had already inflicted.

  • If you get hit with lycanthropy gem interactions
    You’re scared every turn that you’ll lose a carefully-chosen troop with a random one. Not quite as bad as losing a troop to death mark perhaps (unless it’s mana blocking after transform), but higher chances of triggering and always a possibility with lyco gems always having a chance of appearing on the board

I can’t believe that there are troops like the campaign mythic that will spam the board with them, I can imagine all troops on both sides having lycanthropy status effects, it seems like it could get quite chaotic

Having said all that theoretical stuff, I haven’t actually been having any issues with lycanthropy so far, the few days it’s been out. Haven’t actually had it trigger on me. But I might just be getting lucky for now

Currently It’s helped 2 pure faction runs one 300 fell roost the other 500 hall of guardians by transforming enemy troops early into less threatening troops. I’ve also lost a all seeing eye 500 run due to watcher being transformed in the 2nd match.

I’m neutral on them the best thing is assuming since uberdooms are gone once the campaign is over they won’t drop unless you are using or facing the troops that create them.

Correct! Just gotta weather this campaign, and then they will hopefully be very rarely seen.

I’m not a huge fan of the lycantrophy mechanic. But from a lore perspective, it’s great. It makes the campaign a more visible event in Krystara, the campaign lore is actually impacting all of the game world, which I think is really neat and makes the campaign make more sense overall.


It’s the worst in the underworld. Take it out of there and then I’ll say it is ok.


IMO, it shouldn’t show up in underworld after campaign… unless one of new rooms will include a lycanthropy troops…
correction: Warrens, Dark Pits, Eldrazhor + any room having Magnus will still have a chance to cast Lycanthropy on you

Don’t forget about the new campaign legendary, The Moon that inflicts random status effect on random enemy every time an ally casts

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I am likely to quit if it stays in as is. Ridiculous.


Please remove the dev who creates lycan.