Why is this being shoved down our throats?

First let me be clear. I’ve played this game for a number of years now, and about to reach level 1500. I love the game. I’m a GM. I play for hours daily.

But right now I’m dealing with guildies threatening to quit because of lycantropy. No other negative affect has it’s own gem (poison, bleed, curse, deathmark, etc.) so why does this? Add to that how it makes delves, something already way too difficult, way more difficult.

Can someone please tell me why they just love lycantropy?! I feel like the devs are trying to end the game.


Hey man,

I’m not a fan of Lycanthropy either. I don’t hate it quite as much as many people do, but I really wish it halved the level.

Far be it from me to defend Lycanthropy, but here’s a silver lining, at least, if you’re not aware. Lycanthropy gems are temporary. They’re event-based. That is, they won’t naturally spawn unless an event (like this campaign) is happening. That being said, troops can create Lycanthropy gems.

As for there not being gems of other effects, I imagine we’ll see gems with lots of status effects in the future. Why the most hated and buggiest status effect in the game was chosen to be the first status-giving Heroic Gem and the feature of this campaign, I have no idea.


Expecting Suicide Gems, match it or destroy it? You die :rofl:


The devs hate you and they want to make you suffer.

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Not me I’m worried about. My guildmates, on the other hand…

I had a classic yesterday while delving. I was running a souls team doing a L50 delve. AI took it’s turn - Siren. It hit on purple, refilled itself, gave 11 mana to Sea Witch and 4 to Nimue AND at the same time, matched a skydrop purple Lycantrophy gem which placed Lyco on my second troop.

Fortunately there is 1 turn grace (i think) so I cast Phyl and finished them, but in GW that will absolutely happen and you might not have a troop that is full or is ET capable when it does.

It’s nonsense if you ask me.

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I expect next faction event to be a hell of a time gw’s already bad enough, hopefully your guild mate’s find it within them to stay an just try an ignore lycan.

Thanks for this post , Let me also be clear, I have played for years , I am also a GM. I am almost 1700 the guild is 4yrs old .

I have just had one rage quit over this , it is hard enough to get members even w/ a great guild.

There is no place for LYCAN in this type of game it serves no purpose other then to take a very long time to play a round, you can not use a control team. Delves are being lost b/c of the troop changes. GW’s will be a nightmare

A lot of people have paid for this Camp already… so I am sure after (IF NOT BEFORE) there will be a mass exodus from the game. I have supported the game w/ $$ as well as have others. Please REMOVE it all it does is cause issues, not just STILL freezing the game etc. Make the game so much of a chore.


This entire campaign business model IS a chore.

We paid. And then we have to jump through all the ridiculous hoops, aka Tedious Tasks, to earn what we already paid for? :rofl:

Nope. That’s why I stop buying the pass anymore.

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LOL I hate lycantropy.

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Word is that, next campaign, we get Midas gems which transform affected troops into Vault troops.

But, joking aside, which troop type do YOU most look forward to being changed into? There are about 30 troop types we can ‘look forward’ to having to replay this mechanic for. Yay.

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I can’t tell you why the devs love lycanthropy but I will say that I personally love it because of all the meltdowns it’s causing on these forums

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Zombification - Turn into a random Undead
Knighted - Turn into a random Knight
Hallowed - Turn into a random Human
Mechanization - Turn into a random Mech
Promotion - Turn into a random Boss


Haha, I like that Promotion one. Think about 4 Zuuls in a Pure Faction!

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The skull spamming will totally back fire.

Not to mention the chance of your lv20 Zuul against AI lv 500 Zuul.


The best thing i did was quitting this game myself after playing for more then two years daily. Now i play fun games again :wink:

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Divines; turn into a developer; who in turn; turns back the game to what it once was. Well, a dream can be the high point of a game . No other high points looming on the horizon.

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