How do you like this new added gem/ability Lycanthropy?

I’d like to get the communities overall opinion on the Lycanthropy gem. I personally feel that it is ok except for it being in the underworld (that was just straight up dumb on the Developers part to add it into delves). If taken out of delves then it can be used for good or bad (which is a good mix up for a new gem idea).

  • Love it
  • Take out of underworld then I’ll like it
  • Meh
  • Loathe it
  • Gonna quit over it

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Gonna quit. That’s me. Today is my last day in GoW.


Sorry to hear that. I’d come back after this adventure is done and see if things are better then. Best of luck to you.

Hate it. It is not a good innovation and is very poorly planned and implemented. Thanks @Sirrian @Nimhain :frowning:


Hasn’t affected me in any way right now, positively or negatively. Faction weekend coming up in 2 weeks and I’ll be trying PF runs soon so I’ll get a feel for that.

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Hey Blind, Try to run a pure Faction team at 500 and you will see it Negatively!



All PF runs are a joke right now. I really hope they do a hot fix and not wait till next update to fix the PF runs.

I’m actually surprised that so far, no one else has sort of liked this new gem/mechanic other than me in this voting (bar the underworld play).

It’s a horrible mechanic and just further solidifies the belief that none of the developers actually play their own game.


I can agree to that but I like the aspect that they are actually trying to make the game fresh and not just add more “stuff” to do and trying out new mechanics to the Base Gameplay. All in all it is a complete fail on their part for not thoroughly playtesting their own mechanics/gameplay before pushing out new content that could ultimately destroy their game… but yeah, it’s their first try and actually helping the game out of the rut it’s been in is a plus. At least they recognize that they are just keeping on adding in more fetch crud and not actual gameplay stuff.

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The issue with polls is they dont consider different opinions.

Just on the concept of lycanthropy: I dont care. I dont love it, but dont hate it. Guess I would be between meh and love it.

But, because of all the bugs with it… I would then vote loathe it. So many bugs. So many bugs labelled as QoL issues. Its a mess.


I whole heartedly agree with your statement because I am of the same mind set. I feel that I like that the developers are finally trying to make the game new and fresh but at the same time they are slapping the players in the face saying that their “loose ends”/issues are not actual issues.

I suspect that most people that have gone the Loathe route feel that they have been slighted by the GoW development community. I can concur because I have many issues with this new “update” but at the same time I can see the developers side in that they are trying to make the game better and want to stand by their work.

I want people to think about the lycanthropy as a whole and not just as a broken issue right now. That’s what I was trying to get at when I made this poll and that’s what I want the communities voice for.

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Take it out of delves and then it becomes just meh…nothing to be excited about, not really useful, possibly annoying but certainly not something that will make me lose my sleep. Just a waste of development time.


That’s what the reply is for, if anyone wants to vote but they feel like their choice is not entirely representing their opinion they can explain it down here.

Also Guys, please try to differ between Lycanthropy as effect itself and lycanthropy gems.
Loathe vote for me.
I can live with the effect as long as it is coming from a troop’s spell, the lycan gems are annoying and cause more frustration than anything else. Just limit them to World Events.
If another heroic gem, added in the future, is fun in other game modes you can add them there, but please test it first or at least if you use us players as testers please don’t do so by messing up every game mode.


Doesn´t bother me that much.
Got transformed just once…Into Queen Aurora so…Pretty good.
Could be devestating in delves though…Voted for second option.

Voted Meh.

Currently can be lethal in GW and Delves so I would have voted Loathe it if it hadn’t been for the info that next update Lyc will behave like regular transform effects and that the raven/gnomes issues should be fixed at the same time (I still consider it a bug).

Once nerfed then it would be Meh for me, mostly it will be the Lyc gems and the campaign that will be make it worse everywhere and once those are gone it’ll just be another potential transform effect of which I’m already not particularly a fan.


I think the heroic gem mechanic has potential, but Lycanthropy in particular is just absolutely awful. It is as lazy as the stock photo used for its icon, and doesn’t change the gameplay in any way (the AI doesn’t even seem to account for it), it just causes more games to be decided by RNG.

My vote is “take it out of underworld AND guild wars, and then it will just be a bad iteration of a potentially good idea”.


Meh. I haven’t been playing less because of lyc gems, I’ve just been playing less because of real life and this game is quite trash right now.

That said, I don’t care about the impact on GW because I don’t like that gamemode and wish it to go away.

I don’t care about the impact to Pure Faction - I just won’t expect I can finish the 5 I need done for another 9 weeks. There are 2 new Factions that will come out while this thing is active so that’ll be annoying, but I’m sure I’ll be able to complete the Pure Faction runs after the campaign has ended.

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Hard no.

It has already interfered with farming souls and tokens, which to me is what it is in it’s current guise - ‘a progression thwarter’.

We already have enough things in the game to slow down progression and aquisition, and Lycantrophy as is does just that.

Devs already have death mark, Lyco is another win-win for the AI mostly.

The concept of it has potential, but it’s pointless providing any constructive feedback as the Devs clearly don’t understand how players play at certain points. They should be spending more time thinking of ways to reduce stalling gameplay, rather than ways to stall gameplay with a broken implementation.

Actually here’s an idea, give us a gem that removes all the loading and clicks in explore and Pvp, permanent if found… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I’m so harsh but the Lyco issue has been a shocker from start to not even finished.


That’s awesome that there is one rebel. :laughing: :metal:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue because it’ll be a fresh perspective for others to think about. Most of the opinions have either been for complete removal or that they don’t care about it after the bugs/issues are fixed.

FYI, this is not a time to rip apart another’s opinion but instead to think about why/how that person came to their opinion/perspective (that is different from your own). Maybe ask some questions as rebuttals instead of going around spreading hate/anger with smearing others opinions. This is for the majority to take heed to. I’d like a proper QnA instead of people getting angry with another’s opinion.