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Better than Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy is no fun and a real deterrence to gameplay. If you don’t think so, try pure Faction 500 without potions.

A better idea would be to have it JUMBLE the other team! Now that would be FUN.

It would be a race to match it before the other player. And it does not dramatically change the tide of game. If you are winning or losing, that doesn’t change but if you jumble the other team, you might gain a slight advantage.

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Good idea. The design of the gem would be different, of course, and have a different name.

Who knows? It might be one of the heroic gems during a future campaign.


i agree and another idea to make the game a little bit more harder (lycantropy is a not enough to kill Gow) will be “erasing gems” ,this gems erasing totally our team ,gold,souls etc…

I am sure there are plenty of good ideas for Heroic gems one that jumbles the teams, hell please no! That would be even worse than lycan gems and they are already hard to top.


Design could be…


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I was thinking something like one of their existing images. Cropped, of course. Perhaps match with either yellow or brown gems.


Nah, it needs to be an obvious stock photo that doesnt match GoW design, like what @jpraveensn showed. :wink:

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Haha…I am not a designer, mate. :see_no_evil: