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Additional Lycanthropy Hot Fix

As Lycanthropy is still causing crashes outside of EoE, we have deployed a hot fix which temporarily removes lycanthropy’s ability to be triggered in the game. (This is across the whole game, not just EoE.)

Thank you for your patience while we sorted this out, we should have a proper fix coming when we can get our builds passed.


Sorry but I sincerely hope you can’t find a proper fix for this for years (just like GWs score bug) and give up on this Lycantrophy thing eventually.


Gotta agree with this one. It’s really hard to see Lycanthropy adding any value to this game. Quite the opposite, it has nerfed EoE and made many things unnecessary difficult or just annoying. So I wouldn’t mind if it took ages to get this fixed :slight_smile: But if and when you bring it back, please make sure it actually works, so we don’t have to deal with these problems again.


Thank God. Please leave it like that.


Seems pretty bad news, especialy that next campaign was ment to be focusing on Lycanthropy… :roll_eyes:

Time to cancel Lycanthropy finally!

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Oh no… anyway



Will this change or postpone the incoming campaign?

Can you please make sure that things are working as intended before you include them in the final/official release?
The lack of polish and quality assurance are bad indicators for the future of this game.
If you are aware of such issues, why release them in such an unpolished state in the first place?

I hope I can get some (sincere) feedback about this.

Kind regards,


Million x thumbs up.

I actually don’t mind the idea behind Lycanthropy. I just want it to not be so buggy. Fixes needed:

-board shouldnt freeze
-a raven that is transformed by Lycanthropy then killed and the battle won needs to give sigils


thing is, you still need to win the battle to earn it… so that kill requirement might as well be ignored :wink:

Updated to include “and the battle won”.

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Apparently Lycanthropy is still in the game @Saltypatra . I just saw it on one of my troops during Lucky’s pet rescue, courtesy of Magnus. Unfortunately I missed taking a screenshot. Whoops.

One of ny guildmates said they’ve seen Lycanthropy too since this hot fix.

I just restarted my game so will see if I can encounter it again and if so, will make a bug report.

Well that was fast. Hi Lycanthropy!


“temporarily removes lycanthropy’s ability to be triggered”

Have you seen it transform something into a beast?
Because I read this as it is still there but its ability to transform won’t trigger even if you inflict it

Updated the bug report to say that Lycanthropy on hero does NOT freeze the board. So far, haven’t seen any mentions of it actually transforming anything either. So yeah, it’s just a visual icon and nothing more. :smiley:

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They probably changed the % chance of it triggering to 0% or something like that. So it’s still a status effect, it just doesn’t do anything. But it still counts for troops like Spectral Knight (deal double damage if enemy has a status effect)