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[NOT A BUG BUT INVESTIGATING] Lycanthropy - Valravens won't count as death, so you lose the sigils if it takes effect

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Transforming a Valraven counts as death which still gives you 2 sigils at the end of the match. Instead, Lycanthropy transformed the Valraven during a class Trial match into a beast and I was not rewarded any Sigils.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Test it… literally… franking… One… Time. My. God.


This could easily happen to someone in something more “expensive” like uh, oh, let’s say, a NEW DELVE FACTION? Oh look, we have one of those! Hrm, what’s a good way to shut down a Raven so it can’t fly away… Essence of Evil, perfect! Lol… and then it transforms and you lose 2 sigils. And two delve sigils are worth a lot more than normal sigils, because that’s two entire floor levels you miss out on.


Also when the Valraven gets transformed due to Lycanthropy it’s missing the gold coin animation. (Just noticed it in the Faction Assault and definitely didn’t see it in the Class Trial yesterday.)

Probably also applies to Treasure Gnomes.


I wonder if this will be fixed by the campaign that supposedly will revolve around lycanthropy. Ten weeks of Valravens at risk doesn’t sound pleasant.


You expect too much.


Oh joy… yet another reason to want lycanthropy to die in a fire. :expressionless:


Good looking out @awryan thanks for the heads up. :+1::+1:
I sure hope they fix this and that it is not working as intended. How cruel would that be.

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Watch next week this bug report gets tagged as “working as intended.” :scream:


Simmer down sport.
I think there’s plenty of actual fuel on the fire already.

Any hypothetical reaction such as that is unnecessary at this point.

In terms of prognostication. Yes, this will report will either be labeled as “not a bug” or “investigating” hopefully sooner than later. Those are the two most likely outcomes.

But as it stands. ALL other transformations besides Lycanthropy will still earn the player Sigils if the Valraven is the one transformed and the player wins the match. So this bug is currently unprecedented.


You know, a few weeks ago, I didn’t like you because of your attitude toward the game and its developers. But now I sympathize with you, and I feel that this game, and all turds given about it, are going down the toilet. This saddens me as someone who really enjoys this game and cares about its players. I seriously hope this is a temporary side effect of the development of Puzzle Quest 3. Seems to me selling IP2 to 505 Games was a bad idea. But hey, that’s just a theory, a GEMS theory! Just kidding! Who am I, MatPat? Of course this isn’t just some dumb theory, this is straight fact! I really feel that this game could be better and development could be taken more seriously. I’ve seen at least one post reply fearing that the game is on its last legs, and I hate to believe that, but sadly I don’t think it’s that unrealistic to believe.

Unfortunately it’s been like this for a long while, well over a year and a half, I think. 4.7 is what I consider the last solid update. I doubt PQ3 has much to do with it, although I’m sure it affects GoW in little ways. I’d love to see the game go through a new era focused on gameplay and quality over monetization, but I don’t have my hopes up.

As it stands currently, the game is still fun for me. A lot of veterans have gotten sick of the lack of QA and well-implemented features and have quit. I encourage anyone who’s not having fun anymore to do the same.


You predicted my answer, team.

This is not technically a bug, as at low levels the Valraven doesn’t have traits. There are also a few rare ways that a Valraven can be affected by Lycanthropy, and this is working as intended.

However, we are looking into how this affects sigils. Even if it is working as intended, we are debating how this affects the spirit of the game, and are looking into things now. (To be clear, we consider this a Quality of Life improvement.)

When I know more I will update you all.


@Saltypatra, why would transforming a troop preserve sigils, but not lycanthropy? Are you sure that’s intended? I dont think there is any other in game way of losing a raven’s sigils unless it runs away.

Traits aren’t relevant here, as transforming preserves sigils.


Just passing on what I was told. We are looking into this.

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I get that you just repeat what you’re told but you do get how labeling things that are obviously broken in multiple ways as “working as intended” just throws more fuel on the fire and further errodes whatever tiny bit of faith in the company any of us has left, right?


It’s a double edged sword.

If they say “yes it’s bugged”.

Then you combine that with the undeniable game breaking Lycanthropy bug and it shows further incompetence and lack of QA testing prior to release.

Where as saying it’s intended. But under review. Makes it sound like they knew this was going to happen. But now that I’ve brought it up. And other players have stated how it doesn’t make sense considering how Transforms have worked in the past. They’ll consider changing it.

It’s all PR hogwash really. As long as the Bull shit gets resolved eventually… I could care less what coat of paint they use on it until it does.


Pretty telling when your Communications person has no further defense than “just passing along what I was told.” This clearly does not make sense - transform holding sigils and Lycanthropy not.

Not trying to bash Salty personally, I’m just really frustrated with this company’s QA and communication.


I’m still bewildered by the “traits” comment. Why that had anything to do with it.
And trying to think back to what point in the Class Trials I actually had the Valraven. Because in my experience. Regardless of if they are traited or not… If they don’t run off… And the battle is won…2 sigils are rewarded.

According to their own game guide. All conditions met. :white_check_mark:
Here’s a screenshot incase they decide to update it for the first time in 2 years.

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Seeing as none of the traits have to do with giving sigils, yeah, the trait comment is irrelevant UNLESS there’s a hidden aspect of Valraven where it needs traits to give sigils (which I can’t imagine is the case, but should be noted somewhere by the devs if it is, as that is not obvious in any way).

Seems like general lack of knowledge about game mechanics and excuses to me. I really don’t think a Valraven only gives sigils when traited, as that is not stated anywhere in the game or guides - can someone confirm?