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[NOT A BUG BUT INVESTIGATING] Lycanthropy - Valravens won't count as death, so you lose the sigils if it takes effect

I think the traits comment is because a dev skimmed this post rather than actually reading it. They think the complaint is that ravens aren’t immune to lycanthropy, when the complaint is actually about lost sigils.


Yeah I just had pretty much the same thought. Either it’s a bug or on top of being completely broken and nonsensical Lycanthropy was designed to steal sigils. That’s honestly much worse.

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I’d think that to be crazy if not for the fact that it just happened on a thread about the new Faction weapon being linked incorrectly :roll_eyes:

I wonder if we should stop making detailed bug reports if they aren’t being read.

New bug report: Lycanthropy + raven = no sigils.

No pictures. No gifs. No comparing with other skills like transform. Just one sentence.

@awryan’s bug report is concise and accurate but apparently is still too much.

If Salty asks for a bug template, we can link to this thread that the template is too wordy.


I’ll admit I’m a bit ticked that this was misunderstood. I don’t expect anyone in charge to read every reply on a bug report. I’d love if they did, or skimmed it at least, but all we’re really asking is that they read the OP before commenting.

OP was extremely clear of what the issue was. If this really was a case of Salty thinking the bug report was about Lycanthropy applying to a Valraven, then the OP was not read, or at least not processed, before a reply was given.

Perhaps Salty did understand the OP’s report, but I agree the response did not seem to match the bug.


I want to be clear I am not blaming Salty here. It could be whoever (a dev? PM? PO? QA? Manager?) told her how this is being handled. Somewhere along the line this bug is being misunderstood.

I am just joking in my last comment about making over simplified bug reports, but do wonder if this warrants a new bug report to force it to be looked at for the sigil issue specifically. But then I read the OP again and I just don’t know how much more precise one can be.

Curious, the game has a tutorial on ravens for new players right? IF, and this is a big if, IFFFFF this is actually intended, then we could make a bug report that the tutorial says sigils are lost only when a raven flies away. If this is intended behavior, that’s clearly not true anymore.


If every single person who reports has at least 4 years of GoW experience and at least 50-100+ of bug reports on the forums a lone (not counting tickets).

So they have the ability to ascertain when the template is needed and when it’s not. Go for it.
I respect that Salty requests for the template when she actually needs it rather than just as a price for admission.

P.S. on this thread I did follow the bug report template. 🤷 (I just used the N/A for stuff I knew wasn’t applicable.)
I just don’t always use the template anymore.

(I hear what you were saying now. Misread your comments first as if I didn’t fill out the template. Because I myself am getting this report mixed up with my other Lycanthropy bug Reports. 🤦)

Oh geez.

When I first read this I was half asleep.

Unless a Valraven dying from Death Mark also results in zero sigils being rewarded.

Then you HAVE to reward sigils based on precedent and can’t hide behind Valravens being immune to Lycanthropy due to its traits as a reason not to reward sigils.

For all I know, I could of easily cast Essence of Evil twice on the Valraven which would make it be able to be Lycanthroped™ even if it was fully traited.

Just like I could stun a Valraven, and Death Mark it easily.

The lengths your company is trying to go to nickle and dime players is getting pretty sad. Hiding behind traits as a justification to not reward sigils despite mechanics to override those traits…unreal.


If “looking into this” means the same as my completely ignored nug report support ticket since over 12 days now (on another topic), then goodnight…

#expected #clearlyworkinghard

…by now I would take a bet, that if… if… someone eventually answers me back it’ll be a “standard written” answer that not even really focusses on my described problem and when I then reply again basically stating the same things that I already did - again - it’ll take at lest another week until another reply.

c’mon. really?

edit: I’m aware that such a public comment most likely won’t speed up the process. :wink: but people should be made aware that it most likely isn’t going to “help” writing a bug report support ticket for a long time, since you won’t get answers quickly. atm I even doubt the “at all”…

From what I’ve heard on the forums, waiting time for support tickets is currently around 3 months. I don’t think I’ve ever submitted a ticket myself, so take that for what it’s worth.

Please be aware that replying to tickets is not my role. I jump in during emergencies and when my workload isn’t too heavy, but I can’t help with more technical tickets at all, and I don’t answer tickets often.

As said, I have passed on the loss of sigils to the devs.

Not a bug ? Seriously ? What an irrelevant answer. Of course this is a bug, a big bug, a shame. The past showed how ravens must react. Lycanthropy is just one another bad idea (where is the fun ?).
Sigils are a must for events (or maybe do you just want that we buy more sigils (= more $$$) and so make ravens useless ?)

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easiest way would be to treat lycantrophy same way as transform… if you transform valraven with any direct transform skill(f.e TKP, Lust, whatever else i can’t recall now), you get the credit for killing it


If you or a dev get a chance, we would love a clarification please. What they told you about Valraven and traits doesn’t make any sense to us. As we see it, gaining sigils has nothing to do with Valraven’s traits.


Woof… I feel for you @Saltypatra . But this is one to fight for. Losing a raven because of lycan wishitdidntexist enthropy is just plain bogus. Exactly zero humans will say I love this game because that happened. As a business woman I am phrasing it that way. Some things are a coin toss. This is not that. Not your fault at all. But please shout to the appropriate people that this should not be a thing.