Question about cards with transformations

So I was looking through my card collection this morning and I found out I have Umberwolf, Bat Swarm, and Nosferatu. Apparently all three of them transform into each other when they activate their abilities. I really don’t know much about them but do any of you guys have any team recommendations for them? I have a werewolf card that I put with villager, rock worm, and the prismatic orb and they work beautifully together once they start rolling. I was hoping maybe there’s something like that I can do with Umberwolf, Bat Swarm, and Nosferatu. Thanks!

Umberwolf and Bat Swarm are both Beast.
Add a Forest Guardian and you can build a Beast Theme team with them.

Umberwolf’s Darkstorm trait is very useful on a purple-centric team, having him at the back to not block whatever purple troop/s you want to field is nice.

Alternatively, having Nosferatu AND Umberwolf in play can give you a heavy true damage nuke. Add other true damage troops and hey presto.

All of this assumes you can get him traited though, otherwise he’s not so good. The transformation mechanic CAN, however, be used as a frontline damage-soaking tool, since the transformed troop appears on full hp. Other than that I would NEVER use Bat Swarm over Crimson Bat.

Hmmm thanks for the suggestions, guys. I look at those cards and the concept of transformations has always interested me. I would probably just put in two out of the 3 only because they transform into each other anyway and then find two other cards to complement them. Crimson bat wouldn’t be a bad idea but I don’t have that forest guardian so maybe there is somebody else that would be a good substitute? If anyone has any great ideas please share.