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Purchased Elite Pass on Friday - Nothing happened. Money still taken from my account

**Platform, device version and operating


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Bought Elite Pass on Friday, rewards still haven’t been given to me. Money has been taken from my bank account on Saturday. Option to upgrade to Elite Pass as if I haven’t already purchased it. Open ticket 93659.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Hopefully not every time I want to make a purchase! This will likely be my one and only purchase.

Steps to make it happen again

I am not attempting purchasing this again during current campaign in case I get charged again and still do not receive the rewards. Not happy!

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Bumping @Kafka @Cyrup @Saltypatra is this being picked up?

Did you receive free rewards? Level 1 Artifact?

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Yeah I received the standard free rewards. I earned the 100 stars in week 1 then bought the elite pass last Friday. Money was taken but nothing happened. It still says ‘upgrade to elite pass’ as if I hadn’t bought it in the first place. I’ve now earned 200 stars and got artifact level 2 but still nothing in relation to elite pass rewards @Nullings

I believe you should see this thread and send a proper request to their support system:

Using the forums won’t help much besides reporting an issue they might need to look at, but the official protocol to get Support Help in your case is probably submitting a ticket.

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Thanks @Razzagor I submitted a ticket last Saturday (reference on initial post). Just wary that if I need to get a refund from PSN i think it has to be within 14 days of purchase. Still just over a week away but time is ticking. Especially when real money is involved…

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Sorry, I’ve paid little attention to the ticket in your first post. I just instantly remembered they were doing these changes to Support once 5.0 would be released.

If anything don’t leave it to the last three days or so to ask for a PSN refund because GoW developers DON’T work on weekends and sorting things out with PSN itself might be a little tricky considering things like limited support due the pandemic and timezones.

You can use the refunded purchase for the elite pass once the devs can confirm it’s all fixed if it was a bug of any kind. Wish you the best luck to have this sorted out as soon as possible.

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Hi @MentalcaseAd666 sorry for the delayed reply on your ticket, we usually reply much more quickly to purchase issues. We’ve had an issue with gifting the Elite passes to players from our support tools which we’ve been looking into fixing which is why there’s been a delay. I plan to reply to anyone with this issue today after I’ve spoken to the programmers again about the issue.

You will of course get your pass and compensation as soon as this is fixed. Sorry about this.

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Thank you @Kafka this is now resolved :smiley: