Bought Deathknight Armor today as well as a 50 dollar gem pack and I have not recieved anything

Like the title says, the stuff was bought and paid for and i have received nothing…what’s going on here?

Have you contact our support team?

I have and there’s been no reply

I just had a quick look through a support database and I can’t see a support require from you. Are you sure you sent it to us and not 505 Support?

Sorry, Yes the first was 505 and just now sent your department one as well

Ok, I’ll see what I can do, as we have an increase of tickets due to the server issues earlier this week.

The holiday season always means that support may not be as fast as normal.

thank you, I’d appreciate that…been looking forward to the benefits of VIP for a long time now

Sent your rewards to you and responded to your support tickets. I’ve let the team at 505 Support know as well, but I’d appreciate if it you also dropped them a line once you’ve confirm everything is resolved :slight_smile:

thank you much and I will

I have one more pretty big problem though I did receive my pack @Nimhain

@Nimhain Great, thank you, though a big issue remains with old purchases and these 2 new ones…it’s showing vip 4 instead of 5 …I’ve researched vip levels and I am still one too low

I have spent more than 650 points at this point

I’m going through you ticket now, I’m going to reply through there rather than here due to privacy reasons.
(We don’t like discussing another player’s issues publically on the forums)

Not a problem and thank you…

@Nimhain Updated My ticket and is there any way to delete this post?

I can close it and leave it at that.

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