Purchased "Deathknight Pack"

Today I purchased the Deathknight Pack via Steam, my wife did it at the same time with her account. The 49.99$ are paid and we got nothing. GoW had the known disconnect error, we clicked “retry” and got the error again. Our money ist taken and we havn’t the packs. In steam history the purchase is recorded.

How long we have to wait for the packs or the money back? Really, your gameservers are very unstable, much more since the last update and now THIS. Sad, very sad for this insane prices. And yes, I am really angry.

Make sure you each open support tickets. They should get it back to you very quickly.

I’m sure the devs are asleep right now but they’ll be on this ASAP when they’re awake again in a few hours. The one time I had a problem it happened during their prime hours and they fixed it in a matter of minutes.