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Didn't receive purchase on PS4

I bought the 15 day gem pack and didn’t receive any rewards or my 25 VIP points. i have the email showing my purchase. my account name on ps4 is nilb. my ps4 name is nilbog360

i tried to use the zendesk website but it’s not loading for me…

I still need help with this. the zendesk website freezes when i click the Sign In button.

Hi Nilbogz,

Can you send me a PM with a receipt from the purchase and your invite code?

I should be able to help you from there!

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I am having the exact same issue. bought 3 packages about 8 hours ago and nothing yet. i opened a support ticket with my code and purchase numbers for all 3 but havent got a response yet.

It’s the weekend here, which is why you wouldn’t have received a response yet. Hopefully the support team should get back to in the next day or so.

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ok sounds good. Sounds like it is not just me. I was worried I broke something but since nilbogz sent a message first we can just blame it on him.

Same for me. Purchased obsidian bundle on PS4, got nada. How can I PM you Nimhain? I not sure exactly (newb here). Thanks in advance.

Hi Fragnarok,

It’s betting if you contact our support team here:

They will be able to help you out.

I paid 50$ for the deathknight bundle. But the store shut down and took my money. Gave me NOTHING. Only time I decided to buy dlc this happens. I have a screenshot of the recipe.

Nimhain was able to resolve my issue once I submitted a ticket.

Please help me with it. I am not savy with any of this and very upset. I was planning to spend another 50 to make 100$