I paid 50$ and the store stole the money (Solved)

I paid 50$ for the deathknight bundle. But the store shut down and took my money. Gave me NOTHING. Borderline criminal. Only time I decided to buy dlc this happens. I have a screenshot of the recipe.

Send a ticket to support with the details.


What do you mean?

What do you mean, what does he mean? Follow the link, it has a form you can fill out to get compensated. Support for this game is pretty great.


When does it typically get back? Sorry, I am just so frustrated

Generally within a day or so, but they are short staffed at the moment due to the Christmas holidays, so it might be two? I’m not sure. @Nimhain should be able to shed more light on the current support timeframes.

Zombie… Chill down, send in a support ticket, tell them exactly what’s going on, and you’ll get a response when they’re able to.

Remember, they’re not fully staffed right now, so you won’t get this fixed, like, with the snap of a finger.

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Calm down they’re obviously not criminals lol. Send a support ticket and it will be resolved don’t worry.

If you’ve sent us a support request about this, I’ll be able to easily handle it myself.

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There ya’ go, Zombie. Just click on that link @Ozball posted, and Nim will help.

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Just click here on the page I linekd and fill out the form that pops up.

It’s all good, he’s contacted us and we’re working on it now.


Cool beans! :slight_smile:

You da’bomb, @Nimhain. :smiley:

I typically never buy dlc. but I like the game so much I was about to drop 100$ into it. (2 sets of 50$) I never had this happen before and I never been on these forums. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. Thanks for helping. Hopefully this gets resolved.


All good, we all can get frustrated when things don’t do as expected :wink: The Devs are good at resolving these things.
And the community on the forums is one of the best you’ll see anywhere online. We’re always willing to help out if we can.

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Whenever I’ve had issues they’re sorted out very quickly AND compensated. I’ve never known support like this for anything, never mind a video game. These devs are the best imo.


Yeah , they work pretty fast and are always friendly. Dont happen to often these days.


I want VIP chests, but I am afraid of dropping another 50$ :frowning:

No worry bro if something happen @Nimhain will help you

Would 80$ total get me to VIP 5?