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I paid 50$ and the store stole the money (Solved)

VIP 1 = 1 pt - $1US
VIP 2 = 50 pts - $10US
VIP 3 = 150 pts - $30US (+$20)
VIP 4 = 350 pts - $70US (+$40)
VIP 5 = 650 pts - $130US (+$60)
VIP 6 = 1050 pts - $210US (+$80)
VIP 7 = 1550 pts - $310US (+$100)
VIP 8 = 2150 pts - $430US (+$120)
VIP 9 = 2950 pts - $590US (+$160)
VIP 10 = 3950 pts - $790US (+$200)

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Need 130$ total for level 5 vip

Is it worth it?

I’m very happy at VIP 13, all my troops START at 15th level and I get 2 gem keys every day.

That chart isn’t a 100% catch all. You can get different amounts of VIP points depending on the purchase. It’s not always $5 = 25 VIP points, if you look at some options in the store, at least on xbox, you can see. For instance there are two bundles that are 30% off right now but they will give you their full normal VIP points. Also even outside of a sale there are some discrepancies.

Is VIP 5 worth getting into?

I’m at 5 and very happy with the return. I’m slowly making my way towards 7 now, and I’ll probably stop at that.

Vip 5 give you free scout if i remember

I spent 50 already, I will go for another 80$ tonight. Just to get in that range.

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@Rickygervais (VIP 3 is Free SCOUT.)
VIP 5 unlocks the VIP Chest = Worth it!

6 hours later
Lol. I hope there’s no problems.

Yup vip chest is a nice way to get the new mythic

Agreed, if I don’t get a new mythic in the first 2500 glory keys/100 gem keys I’ll drop some gems on the 50 VIP keys because that almost always gives the new mythic right away. I just save up my gems from weekly tasks so I’m not actually buying the 50 VIP keys for $100 a pop!

Have you heard from support or @Nimhain ?
I just purchased seals and didn’t get them.

New player here (also looking for a guild). But what is the better pack/s to buy for a beginner/intermediate?

Deathknight armor is by far the most useful pack in the game for any level of player.


VIP 5 is what you want. The VIP chests give arcane stones, epics, or better. Until all of your epics have been ascended to mythic, you have all the arcanes you need, etc., it’s easily the best way to spend most of your gems. I have spent tens of thousands of gems on those chests. Got every mythic released so far on console, and never bought a gem pack.

Nimhain did say she’s gotten his ticket through support and was dealing with it. If you’ve purchased something and didn’t get it I suggest submitting a ticket to support if you haven’t yet.


Already taken care of. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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This time I dropped 80$ on just gems and got nothing (I was aiming for the VIP level 5)
Please help :skull:

:notes:Oops …I did it again​:notes: