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[ps4] purchased a pack of gems and did not get them

As the title says I purchased Gems Pack for a value of 24.99€. I commit the mistake to take it on the PSN, not on the game and the gems WERE NOT DELIVERED !

This is just stealing people !! Tell me how to solve the problem QUICKLY

Order Number : 13078556493
ID PSN : Hiruma9702
Purchase Datet : 16/07/2016 @ 05:05 PM

Best and most quick solution is to submit a ticket to 505Games

That’s what i’ve done. Thanks

Still no reply from 505 Games support.

New Achievement unlocked : Get Stolen by a crappy P2P : CHECK !!

I have always been satisfied with 505 Support when things go south. You should have received an automated response, and someone will be in touch.

What does this mean, also on weekends they are alot slower

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It means that untill now and untill things change, I can consider myself stolen !
And having paid for something I’m not even sure to get one day, you should understand how I feel.
Why does it work fines for everyone else ?
Anyway I didn’t put much money on the game before this kind of incident if this really what we can call that.
It’s gonna be a lot less now …

It does not work for everyone. I purchased deathknight armor and had to wait 48hours.

This is a bug that some have and some do not