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My purchase of Elite pass still not fixed

This may come off as venting so allow me to apologize in advance. I’ve been playing GOW for close to 5 yr it’s my favourite game to spend what little free time I have. I feel that the games creators have done some amazing things to keep the game fresh. The content seems to be constantly evolving and yes it’s become more of pay to get some content but I have no issues with it after all gaming is ultimately a business. Where my reservations kick in is when a person purchase something and it’s not delivered.
I purchased the elite pass this past Monday and for what ever reason it took my money but I haven’t received any of the rewards. I contacted GOW support provided my proof of payment and my account info. Sadly nothing has been resolved. Now in the large scheme of things $15 dollars isn’t a big deal but I feel the bigger issue is if 505 is going to offer content for sale whether it be resources or content they need to insure they deliver also waiting days to resolving a issue is simply inadequate for any business model. Again I love the game and will continue playing and even purchasing items but I’m deeply disappointed and hope my issue is resolved some time in the near future.


Good luck with that. My ticket is open for 13 days now. Created a thread in bug reports and they said tough luck. They got our money and we can’t do a thing about it. Do a charge back and say goodbye to your account.

Sadly it’s increasing looking like your correct. As I said before $15 isn’t a big deal it’s more to the point that if 505 is going to offer content for real life currency they have a responsibility when things go wrong to provide Service in a timely fashion.
The lack of concern displayed has really left a bad taste in my mouth sadly I’m to invest in the game to leave lol That being said I won’t be as quick to give away my hard earn money ! :money_mouth_face:

Issue fixed. I like to tip my hat to Gems support it might have taken a little longer then I’d like but they fixed my issue and apologized for the inconvenience. Thanks