Paid for elite pass but didn’t show up on my account on ps4?

I paid for the elite pass on the current weekly event sadly the rewards from the pass was not unlocked how can I rectify this issue?

Have you checked your in-game emails? Your rewards should be there.

And in case the rewards were not sent to your ingame mail, you should submit a support ticket here:


Sadly it’s been 5 days and not a word back sent my report with proof of purchase and account info and bupkis! As I’ve said on other forums love the game but if their going to start charging for specific content they need up their ability to when they occur

I’m asking just in case. Have you completed enough campaign tasks to get the rewards?

Also, don’t worry. It’s the time of public holidays now, and your problem will be resolved as soon as the support team gets back to work.

P. S. One of my guildmates has had a similar issue, and all the earned rewards were sent to them even after the end of the campaign.

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I was done campaign by Monday evening and sadly no extra resources. I ended up just repurchasing the pass and hope they will do what right and refund my money. As far as it being the holidays I simply don’t give them a pass perhaps because I don’t celebrate Xmas Ie I’m Jewish but even if it was due to the holidays by now they should have at least contacted me saying their working on the issue. Simply ignoring the issues show a lack of professionalism.

And still nothing,no refund of my founds , no resources not even a ha ha we’re not doing anything for you! I have given up going forward I’ll be more selective on what I spend my hard earned money