I bought the campaign pass and unlocked the weapon but it never went to inventory

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I bought the campaign pass and unlocked the weapon but never recieved it qnd it shows unowned

Here’s the kicker i noticed yesterday when it came up in a offer for five bucks! What a joke!
I asked my guildies and they all seem to have it so I’m reporting it so i can get mine. @Jeto and @Kafka can one of you please help me out.

I hope you can fix it here and i don’t have to go file all that out again. Thanks. Amd i hope if anyone else has this issue that you fix it for them too.

Santandrix_1vmy is my invite code.

I ended up filling out a report just in case the devs don’t see this…

I hate to say I’m doubting you but the yellow locks in your 2nd screenshot also means you haven’t bought the campaign…

Did you ever get the Monty pet from the same campaign?

Any reward earned before buying the campaign pass but claimed after buying the pass gets sent to in-game mail, so that’s a spot worth checking.

I just bought the elite pass myself after this topic showed up and got everything just fine on X1.

Check your records to make sure you actually bought it and stuff. A lot of these campaigns do feel the same after awhile.

Don’t get me wrong, not trying to stop you. Something worth checking while waiting for a response.


Yeah you’re right. I guess i didn’t buy it yet and thought i did.
2 weeks left and it’s over so anyone who hasn’t bought it yet but is planning on it, time is running out.

Sorry @Kafka and @Jeto for wasting your time.

I’m so used to buying it and getting them all but there’s so many that it’s easy to over look.

Thanks @TheIdleOne for pointing this out to me.